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Let’s care for tomorrow. For shaping the future of Allianz and making it more secure. You thrive on tackling risks and mitigating damage? In an international and diverse environment? And you enjoy collaborating with various personalities and stakeholders?

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Our audit team is a great gateway into Allianz, which will allow you to progress in your career. It holds a central position within Allianz, since we perform a variety of missions to provide risk-based and objective assurance, advice & insights – ensuring that our operations are compliant with relevant laws and regulations. As part of the team, you will also evaluate the effectiveness of internal control systems and identify opportunities for improvement and best practice standards.

Your key activities as an internal auditor:

  • Align activities with the internal audit strategy and ensure the timely execution and completion of the audit engagements
  • Perform risk assessments to identify financial, operational, compliance, and reputational risks and translate them into business issues
  • Provide consulting and advise the management on how to improve the organization through findings in audit reports
  • Conduct various operational and technical audits and document audit procedures
  • Facilitate agreement between several stakeholders on appropriate solutions and verify that risks are adequately mitigated.


Our compliance team works with various stakeholders, which is why you will have the possibility to collaborate with the executive board, through various projects. By observing and analyzing developments in the legal environment, we ensure that the operations at Allianz abide by all relevant laws and regulations and identify and assess the risks that can result from non-compliance. As part of our team, you will provide a governance framework and related advice on compliance topics. For instance, we advise the senior management on the compliance with legal requirements and the consequences of legal changes.

Your key activities as a compliance expert:

  • Serve as the technical expert regarding compliance laws and regulations, provide direction to others on complex issues, and lead cross-functional teams through the problem resolution process
  • Identify potential areas of compliance risk, vulnerabilities and future needs, to help develop additional policies to minimize those risks
  • Conduct internal investigations as needed, of any potential violations of laws or policies, and where investigations reveal gaps in controls
  • Update legal and compliance team on developments regarding significant or emerging legal and compliance risks
  • Keep focus on transparency, correctness of behaviours towards the customers, contractual information, contracts execution and customer protection.


Our risk team has a central position within Allianz, since we have a great proximity to other functions. By identifying, assessing, monitoring, and reporting risks we make the risk and control landscape transparent to the organization. As part of our team you will be responsible for the definition and prioritization of actions required to mitigate risks. We do this in close collaboration with the business and, therefore, we support the business in managing their risks.

There are two focus areas for our risk experts: Customer support and data.

Your key activities as a Risk Expert (Customer Support):

  • Work with business units and provide risk expertise and consulting for projects and initiatives with high risk
  • Conduct the analysis of risk management related information to determine impact, identify and assess operational risk issues and facilitate appropriate escalation and implementation of the decisions
  • Support and advice in decision-making and further risk-related action
  • Monitor news around market and evaluate current and potential risk exposure
  • Identification of changing regulations and industry risk trends that may have an enterprise-wide impact


Your key activities as a Risk Technical Specialist (Data):

  • Provide decision makers with quantitative and qualitative risk data analysis and risk reports on patterns, findings, and trends to drive business decisions and resolve business issues
  • Lead the research, development and implementation of quantitative models and data analytics approaches to address various issues for the organization's internal stakeholders across risk functions
  • Interpret business requirements for data models and quantitative analyses in terms of risk and compliance to reconcile them with quantitative approaches
  • Provide impact analysis to key risk stakeholders and provide metrics and analysis to validate the performance of existing strategies and recommend changes where necessary

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Meet José, Yafeng, and Jawed to find out what makes it so special working in Audit, Compliance, and Risk at one of the largest insurance companies worldwide.

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Working in a Safeguarding function at Allianz

Meet our Allianz Experts and Employees and learn more about their individual jobs in Audit, Risk and Compliance.

  • Meet Sanya, Internal Auditor at Allianz UK

    Sanya is responsible for undertaking audits for which she combines her insurance expertise with risk and control knowledge to help identify improvements to Allianz governance, risk management and control.


  • Meet Daniela, Auditor at Allianz Italy

    Daniela is analyzing business processes to understand if there are risks in the way. She acts as a business consultant and gives outside perspective to those who manage these processes day by day.


  • Matthew, Chief Audit Officer Allianz UK

    “We need a high level of diversity in our team – not just gender and ethnicity but also background, for example. We need a team of people thinking different to do our job well.”

  • Meet Inzi, Risk & Compliance Manager at Allianz Australia

    Inzi guides product leaders through their change journey to ensure Allianz is designing the best products for our customers. 


  • Anna, Chief Compliance Officer for Asia Pacific

    “What keeps me at Allianz for more than 15 years are the people and content of the work itself that make you think outside the box, get out of your comfort zone and solve problems and challenges to protect the company and its customers.”

  • Maximilian, Senior Risk Analyst Allianz SE

    “I like to help people. I like how relieved they are when you have been able to solve their problems. And it is nice to see their gratitude.”

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