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We care about your opportunities for advancement. Individual development, career mobility, and lifelong learning opportunities are available to all of our employees worldwide. We understand life’s twists and turns which can lead to a change of mindset. At Allianz, you can enjoy attractive, fair, and long-term benefits in all of our global entities.

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Understanding Career Transitions

  • In today’s working environment your career will rarely follow a straight line from start to retirement. New job opportunities arise, life throws challenges and wonderful things at you that might result in a career break. Throughout your professional life you will most likely experience the following development stages to various degrees several times over. 

  • Exploration

    You find a desired career opportunity, or you identify new tasks to work on. 

  • Growth 

    You develop and value your role, but you also learn to accept your own limitations. 

  • Establishment 

    You do things you wanted to do, develop new skills and settle down in a suitable position. 

Where are you in your career?

  • Career Starter


    Getting started with a professional career is an exciting and important time! The first job may not be the lifelong career but the key is to start into the workforce and maximize every opportunity in one’s early roles.

  • Career Accelerator


    Career Accelerators focus on driving their career and expanding their opportunities that brings them further up the career ladder. They have high aspirations are willing to invest in their career to realize their aspirations. Their career moves are driven by position title / status and they are looking to move up in each role. They are interested in vertical moves with a focus on people management roles, mainly because this advances their career.

  • Career Upskiller


    In order to grow, expand their skills and become the best one can be in their current role, it is important to make use of the right development opportunities. Career Upskiller feel comfortable in the current role and would like to grow while staying in their position.  After working in their area for a couple of years , they decided it’s the right career path for them and they want to learn more and get some formal qualifications. Upskilling shows they are dedicated to moving forward in their area with a focus on maintaining and improving their skills in order to stay relevant.

  • Career Returner


    Career breaks are sometimes carefully planned like maternity leaves or a travel sabbatical, but other times they come unexpectedly, like taking time out to care for a sick loved one. This career persona is all about getting back into the workforce after months or even years. They may return to their original positions or move into a different position upon returning. Career returners might be feeling a little overwhelmed about getting back into work life and feel like their skills may have become a little dusty in their time away from the workforce.

  • Career Balancer


    Career balancer represents those who would like to take a step back from high workload, reduce working time and responsibilities. Depending on the needs, they may work at reduced hour (e.g., 50%), share their responsibilities with others (50-50/60-60) or other combinations. The challenge is to keep track of their career while also focusing on other areas in their lives.

  • Impact Searcher


    Impact searchers want to understand where their skills are needed to make a difference. They are interested in individual journeys more than predefined paths and want to have autonomy in work life. They want to experience a multitude of opportunities and are willing to make multi-directional career moves. They may be interested in making cross-country, cross-OE and/or even cross-functional moves to diversify their skill set and identifying where they can provide the most impact.

  • Experienced Senior


    Development and learning never stops. Experienced Seniors who already gathered much experiences and who feel like they need to shift their focus to providing learning opportunities and knowledge transfer to other. They may be more interested in transferring their knowledge & experiences to successors or junior colleagues as a coach or a mentor.




    No matter where you are in your career, Allianz can provide you an opportunity to succeed in your goals and ambitions. 

Read Personal Career Paths from Allianz Employees

  • Meet Florian

    After being for 9 years in various Finance areas, I moved from Allianz Partners to Human Resources at Allianz Commercial where I am currently heading the HR Data Strategy and Operations team. The global and diverse setup of Allianz always enabled me to move forward, learn and get new experiences. It is hard to imagine where else than at a global company like Allianz this would be possible. Changing the business functions helped me to adapt to different perspectives and enables me to drive and transform our organization further. Remember to always be brave, don't be afraid of failure, take the extra mile (it's always worth it), and embrace challenges.

  • Meet Lana

    I have started working at Allianz as a working student, supporting several different global rollouts in the Learning and Development field. As a student, the big world of Allianz seemed somewhat intimidating, however, I’ve had a bit of great luck working with a very empowering manager and team, that also gave me meaningful tasks which developed my skills further. When I graduated, I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position – not in my team due to full capacity, but another one, where my manager recommended me. This showed how important it is to have a manager who is supporting you and acting also as a mentor and sponsor on your development path. As I was reaching the learning curve plateau in my first full-time position, I was lucky enough to be asked to move to a new position based on the network I have developed in my full-time position. Next to having a supportive manager, having a strong network is another key element in one’s career development. Taking opportunities to participate in different types of networks, events, and programs across Allianz is a great way to improve your own visibility and also grow through getting to know people from different functions and roles. This also helps you to understand what else is there beyond your own function bubble and develop a sense of where you wish to go further in your career development. 

Allianz Personal Development Podcast

  • About the Podcast

    At Allianz we care for opportunities to progress. In the Personal Development Podcast experts, people leaders, career returners and career balancers are sharing their experiences how to boost their personal development. Join us and get useful tips to be the CEO of your own career.


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  • Hybrid Working

    We give our employees worldwide a minimum of 40% remote work and up to 25 days a year working from abroad for personal reasons.


  • Benefits

    Life has twists and turns, that's why we offer our support to you with competitive compensation, flexible working, health & well-being, parental leave, and a seamless return to work. At Allianz, you can experience attractive, fair, and sustainable benefits, in all of our entities worldwide.


  • Health & Well-being

    We care for life’s twists and turns. We provide flexible working and focus on your outcomes rather than your physical presence. We support you to stay fit and healthy and offer parental leave so you can spend more time with your new family.                                                                  


  • Application Tips

    Looking for a career with Allianz? Check out our Application Tips for more information regarding our job search, how to apply, and our recruitment process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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