Health and Well-being

Let’s care for a better balance. We are committed to creating a work environment that prioritizes your health and well-being. Everyday.

By offering a variety of trainings, webinars, well-being activities, and health insurance plans we support our employees to make healthier choices. Our offers focus on three areas: mental well-being, physical well-being, and health and work balance.

They may be implemented differently based on the country. 

Your mental well-being

Becoming more resilient to stress, improving focus, and building powerful mindful habits - explore how our employees can benefit from our global mental well-being initiatives.

  • Well-being Talks and Webinars

    How to energize during the day? What actions can you take to build self-awareness? Talk with health professionals about mental and physical wellbeing, or join our Global Health Community to answer these and many other questions.

  • Mental Health First Aid Training

    Being unable to cope with stress may cause health issues. We provide our employees with a training course to learn simple, practical first aid skills for helping people who are experiencing mental health problems.

  • Mental Well-being Trainings for Managers

    We educate our management teams in how to adapt leadership behavior to effectively support your health and mental well-being.

  • Psychological Support Hotline

    Our employees can use a 24/7 anonymous medical hotline to receive psychological support in difficult life situations.

Experience our Global Mindfulness Movement

We believe that empathy and compassion are vital skills – helping our employees build trustful, lasting relationships with co-workers and customers. Because we know that creating a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters an empathetic and compassionate corporate culture where employees work and treat each other as humans. Therefore, we have kicked off the Global Mindfulness Movement to learn and promote these competencies.

 Watch our colleague Cécile's story and how she uses mindfulness in this fantastic video taken at her home in the South of France.

Your physical well-being and health

Physical well-being does not only mean being physically healthy. It also relates to our energy levels at work. At Allianz, we take action to support the healthy lifestyle of our employees in the office and during remote working.

Health Insurance Plans

We offer our employees various health insurance plans to meet the needs of individuals and families. Not sure, which scheme is right for you? Our consultants are here to help you find the right insurance plan to suit your needs, depending on your region and occupation.

Prevention Measures

Routine health care can help to detect, treat, or even reverse health issues. At Allianz, you can benefit from a set of prevention measures, such as screening tests, immunization, and more. 

Sports and Health Offers

Better fitness means improved wellbeing, resilience, self-esteem and energy levels. Become a part of our team, and take advantage of sports club memberships, gym discounts, wellness vouchers, and much more!

Allianz Global Health Days

Global Health Days Initiative encourages our people to focus on their health - in the largest possible sense of the world.  Participate in a Digital Dance workout, or talk to a professional athlete during Allianz Health Days and stay productive and healthy, while learning new things!

Being in balance at work

In a hybrid work environment, being mindful of your time is crucial. That is why we do our best to help our employees organize their tasks, meetings and everything in between in a way that really works for them. We developed 3 simple rules to help manage your time and productivity. Curious to learn more? Explore our work effectiveness standards below.

Your benefits as an employee at Allianz don't end with health and well-being offers!

Discover health and well-being initiatives at Allianz around the globe

  • Allianz SE Health Center

    Are you into sports? Good news, we've got you covered. Located in Allianz headquarters in Munich, Germany our state of the art corporate health center offers a variety of activities, including:

    • sports courses
    • personal trainings
    • health screenings, and much more.


    Need to recharge your batteries after a work-out? Enjoy fresh snacks and juices on the terrace of our rooftop bar with a magnificent view over the English Garden.

  • Allianz World Run

    Join us and participate in the Allianz World Run, a unique global running initiative promoting health, well-being, and team spirit among our employees across the globe. The winners get the chance to financially support local charity projects – are you in yet?


    Check out the official Allianz World Run page

  • Allianz US Life True Care Health Center

    Our employees at Allianz US Life and their benefits-eligible family members have access to convenient and affordable in-person and virtual health care at the True Care health center, including:

    • Physicals
    • Immunizations
    • Acute/episodic care for the whole family
    • Lab services, and more.


    True Care is located in the Minneapolis campus, US and has a an experienced Nurse Practitioner who is licensed to treat patients in Minneapolis.

  • Allianz Sports Event

    Allianz Sports has taken place every four years since 1996, giving top athletes from companies across Allianz Group an opportunity to meet and get to know each other in a unique setting. Previous Allianz Sports events have been held in a variety of exciting cities, including Berlin, Munich, Milan, Paris, Budapest, and Zurich.


    Be part of it and compete with athletes from different teams across the globe!

Mental well-being coaching by Allianz athletes

Allianz recognizes the importance of mental health. In the lives of our athletes as well as in the lives of our employees.

Get inspired by Allianz professional athletes who discuss mental health and how their experiences as competitive athletes help them balance work and sports.


The entire video series can be found here: Olympic and Paralympic Movements

  • Our Achievements


    We are pleased to announce that we have recently received recognition for our corporate health initiatives. An award that complements others from around the world, assuring us that we are on the right track when it comes to prioritizing our employees' well-being.

Enjoy our health & well-being offers as part of our team

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