Allianz Scholarship Program

Let’s care for your tomorrow. For reaching your full potential and building skills that are resilient to future changes. For accelerating your academic endeavors and the start of your career.

Allianz business units around the globe sponsor a variety of scholarships in co-operation with selected universities to support you in pursuing your university degree.

Start your journey

If you possess a team-oriented mindset, a proactive attitude, and a stellar academic track record, we encourage you to consider applying for one of the numerous technology and data-focused scholarships sponsored globally by Allianz in collaboration with universities.

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    Global Community

    From the very beginning of your scholarship, we will not just support your academic progress financially, you’ll become part of the global Allianz community. Get in touch with fellow scholars as well as alumni who have decided to start their career journey with us during virtual and onsite meetups, workshops and networking events. 

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    Financial Support

    Covering the cost for your academic education can be challenging. We hope to relieve some of the burden by supporting you with a one-time, monthly, or yearly payments of up to 10.000 EUR per year – depending on the specific scholarship you have been selected for.

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    Career Mentoring

    We are happy to offer you mentoring and coaching opportunities. Get a glimpse behind the scenes of one of the world's most trusted insurance and asset management companies to draw inspiration for your future career. 

How you can make the most of your scholarship

Hear from Allianz scholars and scholarship alumni about their personal experiences and the ways they have benefitted from an Allianz sponsored scholarship.

  • Meet Hantao – scholarship alumnus

    Investment Manager, Allianz Investment Management SE 


    “Visiting the Allianz Campus was definitely the most memorable moment during my scholarship. Allianz was initially a remote concept to me: Fortune Global 500, the largest insurance company in Germany. The visit to the Allianz office has brought the company and the colleagues closer to us as students, who did not have direct engagement with Allianz then. Besides, as the scholarship was honored to students with different backgrounds I took the opportunity to exchange a lot of ideas with the other students, which was as valuable as the financial support per se.”

  • Meet Isabella – current scholar

    Master student in Finance and Information Management at Technical University of Munich, and Intern in the Enterprise Data Office, Allianz Global Investors


    “As a single mother of two very young children, receiving the scholarship has significantly alleviated my financial burden, allowing me to prioritize my studies and strive for academic excellence without the added strain from having to juggle work and studies. My internship placement provided invaluable firsthand experience in asset management. This opportunity accelerated my professional growth, offering exposure and expanding my network far beyond what I would have achieved otherwise.”

  • Meet Salvatore – scholarship alumnus

    Data Analyst Associate, Allianz Italy


    “I decided to stay with Allianz after my scholarship because of the numerous opportunities and support the company offers. During my scholarship, I had the chance to experience Allianz's commitment to talent development, innovation, and global impact. The company's values align with my own, and I was impressed by the diverse range of career paths and growth opportunities available within Allianz.” 

  • Meet Samira – current scholar

    Bachelor student in Management Information Systems and Business Analytics at University of Minnesota


    “Future scholars can make the most out of their scholarship with Allianz by putting themselves out there.  You can either decide to look at this scholarship as simply a fund for school, or you can think of it as a vast network of people who are trying to help you. It's important to be driven because I believe you get out what you put in. If you are constantly putting yourself out there, attending different events, meeting new people, you will gain so much insight and skills that will help prepare you for the future.” 

  • Meet Galle – current scholar

    Master student in Mathematics Applied to Finance and Insurance at Paris Sorbonne


    “Scholarships are not available for all courses and being able to do one is a serious advantage. And if you are lucky enough to be able to do it with Allianz, go for it! To give yourself the best possible chance, I would advise you to apply highlighting your skills, academic and non-academic achievements, professional experience and also your hobbies. You also need to be well prepared for the interviews so that you can be sure of showing your enthusiasm and motivation.”

More Than an Insurance Company

  • As a company we made it our mission to care for tomorrow. Our 159,000 employees from 172 nationalities across more than 70 countries give their all to shape a sustainable future for our customers and the world around us. What better way to care for tomorrow than to support young talents aspiring to make a change? It could be your curiosity that helps transform our industry. It could be your analytical skills that help mitigate risks for our customers. It could be your idea that pushes our product innovation to the next level. 

    Even if you are currently not enrolled with one of the universities we are working with, there are many opportunities for you to jump-start your career.

    Learn more about Allianz as an employer

Our Partner Universities

Here is an overview of the universities our business units are currently working with to offer scholarships to active bachelor and master students.

  • Allianz Business Units

  • Universities in Europe

  • Universities in Asia Pacific

  • Universities in North America

  • Our following business units sponsor scholarships in co-operation with selected universities and overarching scholarship programs:

    Allianz Asia Pacific                                         Allianz Life US

    Allianz Australia                                              Allianz Partners

    Allianz Benelux                                               Allianz SE

    Allianz CEE                                                       Allianz Services

    Allianz Direct                                                    Allianz Spain

    Allianz France                                                  Allianz Switzerland    

    Allianz Germany                                             Allianz Technology

    Allianz Global Investors                               Allianz Trade

    Allianz Italy                                                      Allianz UK

    • CentraleSupélec
    • Paris Dauphine​
    • MIB Trieste​
    • Politecnico di Milano
    • ESADE
    • University of Barcelona​
    • Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC)​
    • Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME)​
    • TU München
    • LMU München                          ​
    • Universität Ulm                        ​
    • KIT Karlsruhe                           ​
    • Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg   
    • Goethe-Universität Frankfurt      
    • Humboldt-Universität Berlin       
    • Universität Tübingen
    • College of Engineering, Pune (COEP)
    • Cummins College of Engineering for Women, Pune
    • Vishwakarma Institute of Technology, Pune
    • Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering, Trivandrum
    • Government Engineering College, Barton Hill (GEC BH)
    • College of Engineering, Trivandrum (CET)
    • University of New South Wales
  • University of Minnesota​


Am I eligible for a scholarship?

To apply for any of the scholarships Allianz supports, you must be an active student at one of the universities we are currently working with. For some scholarships there are preferred fields of study, such as data or computer science, IT, engineering, mathematics, actuarial studies, or accounting.

How do I apply?

The application process depends on the specific scholarship you plan to apply for. In most cases it is managed through the university you are enrolled with. For selected scholarships you will be able to apply through our careers portal where you can always look for further student opportunities to work with us.

If successful, what kind of support will I receive?

Depending on your dedicated scholarship you will receive financial support to help cover your university related expenses (housing, food, tuition, books, etc.) and you will become part of a global Allianz scholar community where we offer networking events and meet-ups as well as career mentoring and coaching opportunities.

What are the conditions of the scholarship?

All scholars must be active students for the duration of the scholarship.

There is no obligation to work for any Allianz entity after your graduation. However, we offer opportunities for networking, training, internships, and working student jobs during your scholarship and would be delighted should you chose to start your career with us.

Further Questions?

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

This page will soon be updated with more information about the dedicated scholarships sponsored by our business units.