Hybrid Working

Hybrid Working

At Allianz, you can choose to work where you work best – whether that’s at home, at the office, or at times, somewhere else entirely. We make sure we contribute, communicate and collaborate on equal terms regardless of where we work from. And we value involvement and engagement wherever we’re based.




    With our Flexible / Hybrid work arrangements, we embrace and support your choice to work at least 40% remote (depending on job requirements).




    We will enable you to work from abroad for up to 25 days per year for personal reasons.




    You are encouraged to spend one hour of your working time each week just for learning.

Possibilities For You

Your health and well-being—it’s a priority.

We offer robust professional mental health, well-being, and development offerings to keep you healthy and working as your best self. From a global mindfulness community (that offers daily mindfulness sessions among other offerings), to free 24/7 mental health support, we care that you experience the right balance between life and work.

Real People, Real Stories.

Learn more from our colleagues, how we live flexible / hybrid work across Allianz.

  • Meet Julia

    I personally enjoy the high level of flexibility we have with the Ways of Working. I can decide for myself when to start and when to take breaks. I try to make sure to block time for a proper lunch break when working remotely. Quite frequently, I use the breaks to go outside for a run. By doing so, I can very effectively disconnect during my lunch break, catch some fresh air, get my regular workout and then come back to my computer energized and motivated for the tasks to come.

  • Meet Marie

    Being given the possibility to work from abroad for up to 25 days a year has been a fantastic benefit. It personally allowed me to spend a couple of days in France, taking care of my mom after a surgery she went through. Being able to stay longer and balance home office and days off was a fantastic way to give me the flexibility I needed then. Now that she is doing better, I am again looking forward to returning there thanks to the cross-border remote working policy and assessment tool.

  • Meet Christoph

    I very much like the holistic approach that it is not only about tools and policies but also about our mindset and behavior which makes the difference.

    The standards set at Allianz, help us to shape a more appealing and successful hybrid working environment once we have the courage to take opportunities, allow for personal development and let go of some beliefs of the past.

Digital up!

Collaborate and innovate with your colleagues in real-time using our global tools that help you work across locations, borders, and devices.

Flexible / Hybrid Jobs

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Did you know?

  • Benefits

    Life has many facets and different phases, which is why we offer our support to you with competitive compensation, flexible working, health and well-being, parental leave, and an easy and smooth return to work.


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