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Join Allianz, the world's largest insurance company, as we revolutionize the industry with cutting-edge technology. From AI and machine learning to blockchain and big data, our team is working on innovative projects that directly impact our customers' lives. We're seeking technical and data professionals who are passionate about driving change and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

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Are you a person who thrives in technology and innovation? Or do you want to look for the answers in the data? 
You understand that there are countless potential applications for technology. Because of this, we provide a variety of employment options, whether you're a cybersecurity specialist, a coding prodigy, a UX/UI designer, or a data scientist. Be a part of the team that is utilizing cutting-edge technology to improve the insurance sector by joining us.

  • Technical Engineers

    Allianz commits to a culture of diversity, creativity, and innovation that encourages personal and professional growth. We equip our engineers with essential tools, resources, and unwavering support, fostering an environment where they not only succeed but excel. In our dynamic workplace, diversity is a strategic advantage, driving innovation and collective success.

    Join Allianz Careers for a journey where your unique perspective matters, creativity thrives, and innovation propels us forward.



  • Data Professionals

    Our data professionals work on projects that leverage cutting-edge technologies and methodologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and big data. They collaborate closely with other technical experts and business leaders to identify opportunities that leverage data and drive business innovation. 

    Join our team and become a part of a global organisation that is committed to using data to transform the insurance industry and enhance the lives of millions of people.



  • Information Security

    At Allianz, we recognize the critical role of safeguarding sensitive information and ensuring the resilience of our digital infrastructure. In addition, we put high value on collaborating with talented professionals, leveraging cutting-edge technologies, and contributing to the continuous enhancement of our cybersecurity posture. 

    Join our Information Security team to be part of a globally renowned organization committed to protecting our clients, partners, and internal stakeholders.



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A Glimpse Into Our Tech. Toolkit

We are looking for brilliant talent who shares our passion for reshaping the market by utilizing the most recent tools and technology. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools for data analytics, machine learning, and software development, our team is at the forefront of innovation. Therefore, if you are an expert in any of these topics or have a strong background in similar fields, please join us! Working with the newest tools and technology, you can push the envelope of what's possible and promote growth at Allianz.
Take advantage of this opportunity to join our team and reach your full potential.

Whether You're a Junior or Manager

Upping your digital skills will be a true accelerator for your personal development, as much as digital technologies have advanced the business (and will continue to do so). Our courses are focused on essentials you need in your daily work as well as core technical knowledge to raise your understanding and enable you to contribute to the further technological development of our company successfully.


    We support you as you plan and advance your career. The following development programs are available for you:

    • People, Self and Leadership Skills
    • Agile & IT Project Management
    • Cloud Trainings 
    • IT Skill Trainings
    • Coaching & Mentoring 
    • Language Skill Trainings



Featured Stories

  • Data Scientist

  • Information Security

  • Information Security

  • UI / UX Designer

  • Meet Johanna - Data Scientist at Allianz Technology


    Johanna is passionate about the innovative relationship that exists between technology and client needs. Her job as a data scientist entails more than just crunching numbers; it also entails working with professionals from diverse backgrounds. Johanna's data-driven decisions, derived from meticulous analysis, enhance customer experiences and optimize operational processes.



  • Meet Leonard - Capability Expert in Information Security at Allianz


    Leonard will provide an insightful perspective on a career in information security at a globally renowned insurance company. He will share his extensive experiences, valuable insights, and the compelling reasons behind his choice of Allianz as the prime destination for technology and data enthusiasts in the insurance sector.





    Meet Fabrizio - Information Security Officer at Allianz Italy 


    Fabrizio focusses on cyber security working on protecting Allianz’s company assets and customer data against cyber attacks. It's not a matter of 'if' but 'when' a cyber attack will hit a company and our goal is to prevent such threats and be ready to react. 




    Meet Vasinee - UI / UX Designer at Allianz Technology Thailand 


    Vasinee delivers the design for applications and websites at Allianz Thailand. She considers not only how the design will look, but also how users will feel while interacting with each step.



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