Allianz Experts

Meet Fabrizio

Milanese Information Security Expert at Allianz Italy.

He says: “Working in cyber security is not only about technicality but also about culture.” 

  • What’s your mission at Allianz?

    The importance of Cybersecurity is exponentially increasing, considering the digital world we live in. It is not a matter of 'if' but 'when' a cyber attack will hit a company. Our goal is to prevent such threats and be ready to react.  My focus in Cybersecurity is to ensure the protection of the company assets, regarding confidentiality, integrity and availability of information. In my department, we are increasing awareness of Cyber threats, supporting the Information Risk management processes, as well as governing and managing security incidents.

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    What’s your career progression?

    Six years ago, I started working in Cybersecurity, growing my experience as a consultant for financial institutions. Over time, I gained a sound technical knowledge as well as soft and managerial skills.  I achieved the Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) certification issued by ISACA and taught Cybersecurity in different master classes.

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    What's surprising about your job?

    When I accepted my role I never expected that one day I would participate in the management of a global pandemic in order to ensure the operations and business continuity.

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    What’s your main career advice? What inspires you?

    Apart from technical topics, also consider “soft” aspects, e.g. governance and awareness. Cybersecurity is about mindset and culture!

    I enjoy working with people who are able to collaborate and create a positive environment.