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Allianz Global Investors | Frankfurt | September 2019

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Hi everyone! I’m Yannick and I joined AllianzGI in Frankfurt as a working student in March of this year. I am part of the HR Talent Programmes team and we are currently working on the 2020 edition of our Global Graduate Programme (GGP), which has run every year since 2005. It is a key recruitment driver for us and helps build our talent pipeline for the future. The two-year programme is designed to give graduates a thorough understanding of our business and the asset management industry.

We recently opened the applications for 2020! This year we are looking for talented individuals from all majors with a global and active mind-set who will join us to be part of the next generation of investment and business professionals. Participants will rotate between different departments and functions, take part in dedicated training modules and gain privileged access to company insights and people, while developing themselves and making a real impact in our business.

Since joining AllianzGI, I’ve had the opportunity to meet many former and current participants of the Global Graduate Programme while organising global training modules, setting up a new buddy system and managing the social media recruiting campaign for 2020. In relation to the programme, our team’s objective is to steer and oversee all aspects of the programme globally to ensure an excellent graduate experience and a programme fit to meet the future strategic resourcing needs of AllianzGI.

In order to give you some insights into the daily life of a global graduate, I spoke to five participants of the GGP – Nicole, Andrea, Katharina, Matt and Kathrin – about their views on the programme and how it has supported their professional and personal development.  

Yannick: How would you describe your experience at AllianzGI so far?     

Matt: My GGP journey exposed me to new people, new places, and newly piqued interests. But most of all, I’ve gained a network of people that I can call my friends around the globe. You don’t just work globally in the GGP – you think globally.

Katharina: I knew during my first working student position at AllianzGI, I wanted to work here. The values and spirit of AllianzGI are exceptional and make it a truly great place to grow both professionally and personally.  Right from the beginning, I felt accepted, involved and supported. The exposure you get from day one to the whole company including senior management is exceptional. The colleagues here at AllianzGI, especially my fellow GGPs, became like an international family who support each other not only in professional matters but also in personal ones.

Kathrin: I love the culture at AllianzGI for being both supportive and challenging at the same time. As a graduate, I work on exciting topics that have a real business impact - and I’m not just supporting in the background. I am given real responsibility plus the chance to present my work to senior management at the end of my rotations, which is a unique opportunity for a junior in a big company. 

Yannick: What were your key learnings during the programme?

Kathrin: Learn from and with each other! We are a very diverse group of people from all over the world and with a range of backgrounds. This means whenever we come together we have vivid discussions. We see things from different perspectives. By having this exchange, I’ve learnt that it is very beneficial to look at problems from various angles. In my job rotations, I find that it is best to keep an open mind and try lots of things.

Matt: I’ve had such great experiences here at AllianzGI and with my GGP colleagues, by just saying “yes” where I was otherwise indifferent or unsure about whether I wanted to participate in something. I can empathize with the idea that some days, you just want to show up, punch a clock, and go home when the metaphorical whistle blows. The challenge, however, is pushing through that, and getting to those new experiences and opportunities where you get the chance to say yes.

Andrea: Rotating through different teams gave me a perspective on the business, which I would have never dreamt to be possible in such a short time. Being able to take into consideration the different stakeholder’s point of view on a topic is extremely important and helps in every discussion. Also, working in a global and multicultural environment is not always easy, but the outcome surely benefits from the diversity in opinions and approaches.   

Yannick: What has been your favourite memory since joining AllianzGI?  

Kathrin: I find it hard to narrow it down to one “best” moment. I enjoyed every work rotation so far and I’m always excited to go to work. The two training modules with all global graduates coming together have definitely been a highlight. Apart from the work aspect, I’m also very grateful for the friends I found in the other graduates. They are one of the reasons why I’m enjoying this journey so much.

Nicole: Starting with the international GGP Project: in parallel to our daily job, coming up with an innovative idea with other Global Graduates and turn it into a project plan – by taking responsibility for its ideation and eventually pitching the project plan to senior management with the aim of implementing it globally across the company – is a unique opportunity to turn some of the millennials’ fresh ideas into concrete plans, with the goal of enhancing our client and employee value propositions!

Andrea: Meeting all the Global Graduates in New York for the second training module was for sure one of my best moments in the programme. We had known each other for almost a year at that point, and being able to share together in person our experience as well as discussing about our industry and other topics, each of us with our personal angle on the subject, has been extremely interesting and formative.  

Yannick: What advice would you give applicants who are interested in the programme?  

Katharina: To get the most out of your GGP journey, be eager to learn, open-minded, curious and proactive. The GGP is perfect to acquire the network and the skills you need in addition to your studies to start successfully into your professional life.

Nicole: If, like me, you have a non-finance academic background, but you have a genuine passion for the financial industry and active asset management, don’t be afraid to step forward and show the value you can add! During the GGP journey, you will continuously learn on-the-job and fine-tune the skills needed to succeed in your career at AllianzGI through rotations across different departments and countries, regular training opportunities, and with the continuous support of a rich network of global colleagues.

After speaking to the graduates themselves, I also wanted to know, what the people behind the scenes think about the benefits of the programme. When I asked Fiona, GGP Programme Manager, what the programme has to offer, she said: “The programme offers our graduates an excellent two-year opportunity to learn what it means to be part of a successful active asset manager, as they gain broad experience across the organization. It offers graduates a supportive, tailor-made opportunity with international exposure at the start of their careers and prepares them for their next professional steps.”  Madeleine is the Lead Talent Acquisition for AllianzGI and responsible for the recruitment of the new graduates. She told me: “The programme offers a fantastic opportunity for agile, open-minded and forward-thinking graduates whom we will support and mentor through the programme. It is key in our strategy to recruit and develop future leaders for our organisation.”

If I’ve sparked your interest and you want to find out more, check out the AllianzGI Global Graduate Programme website for more detailed information. The 2020 Global Graduate Programme will start on 1 September 2020, applications are now open!


About Allianz Global Investors     

As a leading active asset manager with over 790 investment professionals in 25 offices worldwide, Allianz Global Investors manages €543 billion in assets for individuals, families and institutions. Active is the most important word in our vocabulary. Active is how we create and share value with clients. We believe in solving, not selling, and in adding value beyond pure economic gain. We invest for the long term, employing our innovative investment expertise and global resources. 

  • Katharina

    joined as a working student in 2015 while doing her Master of Finance & Management. She joined the GGP in 2017, recently finished and started working as an Associate Portfolio Manager. 

  • Andrea

    became part of the 2018 GGP in Business Development after graduating with a Master in Management from ESCP Europe Business School and a Bachelor in Economics from the University of Turin. 

  • Nicole

    joined the Business Operations function in Frankfurt in 2018 after finishing her Bachelor in Business with Modern Languages at the University of Nottingham. 

  • Meet the author - Yannick Marten

    Yannick joined AllianzGI as a working student in the HR Talent Programs team in March 2019. He recently finished his Bachelor in International Business Administration at Wiesbaden Business School and will be starting his Master in International Management shortly.

    Before joining AllianzGI, he worked as a Human Resources intern at Deutsche Bank in Luxembourg after spending a semester abroad in Seoul, South Korea.