Diversity and Inclusion

We are committed to creating an inclusive culture where everyone can succeed. Learn more about Allianz’ achievements, discover our employee networks and meet our people.

  • Our achievements

    We are proud of our latest achievements that recognize our commitment for inclusion and diversity externally.

This is us

Our people are as diverse as the world itself. Discover their unique stories.

Meet Lucy

Lucy, a member of our gender equality network NEO, shares her excitement about transforming customer solutions and company culture.


Meet Abdul

After a life-changing stroke, Abdul joined our Strategic Workforce Planning team and helps to create an environment of inclusion and equal opportunities at Allianz.


Meet Scarlet-Marie

Scarlet-Marie, our transgender ambassador, tells the inspiring story of her gender transition and the support and safety she felt at work.


Meet Redeat

IT Expert Redeat shares why she got engaged with Allianz GRACE, our global employee network focusing on cultural diversity and racial equality.


Meet Danis

Digital insurance expert Danis talks about his experience of joining Allianz virtually and why diversity and open-mindedness are key for innovation.


Meet Heather

Heather has found a workplace where she can be herself and doesn’t feel the need to hide parts of her life. Find out how Allianz supports the LGBT+ community and why Heather is proud to work here.


Allianz employee networks

Our employee networks give individuals a sense of community and the chance to network with colleagues based on a shared identity or experience, as well as with their “friends & allies”. They are an important partner for raising awareness, advocating change and setting our diversity and inclusion agenda.

  • Allianz Pride is our global LGBT+ employee network. It supports Allianz in standing proudly for an LGBT+ inclusive work environment and society.

  • Allianz NEO is our employee network focusing on gender balance, inclusion and equality. It evolved from women‘s networks across the Group. Because to achieve gender equality, all genders need to be part of the discussion.


  • The Allianz Beyond network aims to raise awareness on the topic of disability inclusion, to ensure that all Allianz workplaces are free of barriers, and to promote Allianz as an attractive employer for people with a disability.

  • Our Global Race and Cultural Ethnicity network represents the coming together of colleagues from around the world with the mission to raise understanding on the topic of racial equality, to create a level playing field and to promote active engagement against racial discrimination.

  • Allianz Engage brings together people of all ages, promoting the value of generational diversity to transform attitudes, facilitating change and cultivating a more age inclusive workplace culture.

What our employees say

  • Meet Edward from Team Allianz


    “I had nothing but support for my parental leave during the whole process, from HR, my team, my line manager and my CEO. All were keen for me to take paternity leave and to share my experiences with others.”


    Edward, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

  • Meet Marie-Helene from Team Allianz


    “Coming out is not just a one-time thing. It’s a continuous process in order to allow yourself to be your genuine self. I am lucky to be working for a company that encourages this and grateful for the wonderful Allianz Pride networks.”


    Marie-Helene, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty

  • Meet Felix from Team Allianz


    “As part of a global company, I know instinctively the power of a richly diverse working environment. Being active in the Allianz GRACE network enables me to amplify the benefits of multiculturalism throughout the Allianz world, building an inclusive workplace where colleagues feel they truly belong.”


    Felix, Allianz UK

  • Meet Bernadette from Team Allianz


    “For a first-time mom like me, going back to work after maternity leave seemed less difficult due to the support from the team.”


    Bernadette, Allianz Partners

  • Meet John from Team Allianz


    “I love being part of a network that extends across Allianz globally. We’ve done so much to further LGBT+rights and opportunities, and help make Allianz a welcoming place to work – and that mission never stops.”


    John, Allianz Global Investors

  • Meet Sebastien from Team Allianz


    “I was a stay-at-home dad for two years after a family decision that my wife would pursue a professional opportunity overseas. I believe it’s not enough to trust that equal opportunities will benefit us all, but that as individuals we can really show the way.”


    Sebastien, Euler Hermes

  • Meet Irena from Team Allianz


    “As a woman in Tech, I feel like a superhero every day. With every deployed model, each fixed bug and every product running in production, I know I am clearing the path for many other women who will choose to walk it.”


    Irena, Allianz SE

Olympic & Paralympic Partnership

We are proud to be the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Movements. Sharing the Olympic and Paralympic values, this partnership inspires us to provide confidence in tomorrow – for our customers and our employees.