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Your engagement matters to us, and so does what you care about in life, which is why we offer you competitive compensation, flexible working, health and wellbeing, parental leave, and an easy and smooth return to work.
At Allianz SE, you can experience attractive, fair, and sustainable benefits.

Benefits Done Right

Your ambitions, your dreams, your challenges matter to us. Today and tomorrow.

Allianz SE Benefits in details

Compensation—Let´s talk money!

At Allianz SE, we foster a working environment where both people and performance matter. The compensation structures provide incentives for generating long-term value by acting on both the opportunities and risks associated with economic, environmental, and social developments. We also honor key principles, such as fairness and transparency. 

We offer: 
•    Equal pay, based on your role and its requirements
•    Allianz Pension: occupational pension which includes old age pension, occupational disability pension and benefits for surviving dependents
•    Allianz insurance products at exclusive employee rates
•    Employee stock purchase plan
•    Competitive salary for our working students & interns

Health & Wellbeing

At Allianz SE, we encourage our people to live a healthy lifestyle, which we think is a basic requirement for wellbeing and performance, not only at work but in any personal endeavor. This is why at Allianz we support a healthy body and mind by offering.

Health coverage, including: 
•    Company doctor
•    Company health insurance for non-executive employees and their family members
•    Health coverage on business trips
•    Preventive programs, e.g. screening tests, immunization
•    Sport and health offers e.g. mental health classes, information about nutrition and ergonomics
•    In-house health center: 800 sq ft for fitness, yoga, Pilates, mental health classes, information about nutrition and ergonomics and many more offers
•    Access to consulting and mentoring  (physical and mental health)
•    Sick pay: In the event of sick leave, employees receive continued payment of salary for up to six weeks. After this time, the sick leave pay will be topped up with a sickness benefits resulting in 90% of net monthly earnings. The duration of this pay depends on length of service
•    Allianz SE offers a subsidy for eyeglasses and special visual aids   

Time & Flexibility—Let´s talk freedom

At Allianz SE, we understand the importance of flexibility and want our people to find a good balance between professional and private life. This is why we provide time flexibility and are constantly building on work models that give you more freedom in planning and enjoying your work and leisure.

We offer:
• Flexible working arrangements to help you balance work and time off
• Full-time and part-time policy working arrangements
• A hybrid work environment, with offices for onsite work, work-from-home, and remote working policies  
• Sabbaticals and parental leave
• Opportunities for social volunteering: possibility to participate in ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) initiatives and activities



Career Development - Your future

At Allianz, we support and foster development. A successful career at Allianz SE can involve having a variety of roles in different functions, divisions, and countries. Here are opportunities are limitless. Choose your path and make deliberate choices to drive your career.

Opportunities to broaden your work experience for today and tomorrow:
• A positive learning and growing environment, where every employee will regularly discuss development goals, steps, and actions with their manager
• Career development programs for non-executive and executive positions
• Leadership programs with a strategic focus on transformation, technology, operations, processes, or finance, which empower executives to transition into new roles
• A great variety of interesting projects and challenging tasks involving collaboration across functions, departments and often countries
• Access to (digital) learning programs (e.g. LinkedIn Learning, Degreed), which we encourage you to devote at least 1 hour per week to
• International environment and career mobility: cross-country, cross-function and cross-organizational mobility experiences
• Access to consulting and advice on personal professional development (e.g. training on the job, job shadowing, project work, mentoring…)
• Personal Development Plan (PDP): action plan that fits your development needs and helps you turn your aspirations into reality through experience (e.g. job swaps), exposure (e.g. mentorship) & education (e.g. training)
• Lifelong learning: our global learning initiatives #learn and #lead enable you to get equipped with the mindset, skills and tools needed to be ready for the future and its challenges
• Inclusive development: we care for developing diverse people to foster a high performing, inclusive and collaborative culture

Your Mobility

At Allianz, we care about supporting our people’s mobility while adhering to our goals of reducing our own carbon footprint and contributing to a sustainable future.

Here are our offers at Allianz SE:

• Allianz bicycle leasing program
• Discounted job tickets from Munich public transport MVV and Deutsche Bahn
• Travel expenses allowance
• Electric vehicle car charging station
• Company bikes & e-bikes for business trips within Munich

Your Family

At Allianz SE you and your family have top priority, and here are some of our offerings:

• Regular and emergency Childcare
• Vacation childcare program
• Childcare subsidy
• Kids day & family events
• Children's theater & children's Christmas gift
• Allianz Kindergarten & creche

Student Life

Working students and interns are considered an important part of Allianz SE and we therefore, offer them additional benefits:

• Up to 25 Euros monthly reimbursement for public transportation
• Daily subsidy of 2.40 Euros for the canteen
• Free access to LinkedIn Learning, plus career development courses and programs
• Interactive quarterly student townhall meetings featuring top level management (including Board members)
• "Talk to Us" sessions to discuss all questions, queries, updates and more!

  • Enjoy Our Health Center

    The Health Center is located in the heart of our headquarters in an area of around 800 square meters. It's a great place overlooking the English Garden to work on physical and mental fitness at your own pace while meeting colleagues. The latest fitness equipment from top brands, health check-ups and workshops such as yoga and fascia training await our employees.

We Are Here For You Beyond Work

  • Allianz pride logo

    Allianz Pride is our global LGBT+ employee network. It supports Allianz in standing proudly for an LGBT+ inclusive work environment and society.


  • Allianz NEO logo

    Allianz NEO is our employee network focusing on gender balance, inclusion and equality. It evolved from women‘s networks across the Group. Because to achieve gender equality, all genders need to be part of the discussion.

  • Allianz Beyond logo

    The Allianz Beyond network aims to raise awareness on the topic of disability inclusion, to ensure that all Allianz workplaces are free of barriers, and to promote Allianz as an attractive employer for people with a disability.


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