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Let’s care for tomorrow. For yourself and for the people around you. And by caring for the tomorrows of everyone, let’s care for the future of our customers and our society.

Let’s shape a better future together

Our mission is to be Alllianz’ global services organization to improve and run operations, drive productivity, create a superior client experience, and contribute to the transformation of Allianz. Our strong global footprint, with more than 7,000 colleagues located in India, Mauritius, Germany, Romania, Morocco, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Italy, and the US, gives us a presence on all continents and enables us to unlock the full potential of our diverse talent around the world.

Let’s care for our culture, rooted in our values

At Allianz Services we have six leading values guiding us in everything we do. Let’s care for a deep understanding of Allianz operations and processes, for always delivering on our promises, for taking ownership and expressing our opinion. Let’s care for building the best solutions and creating value with you. Let’s care for leveraging global assets and providing an inspiring environment for you to grow and excel. From individual development to career mobility, to lifelong learning offers.

Let’s care for life’s twists and turns and the world around us

From our support for flexible working, health and wellbeing, to helping parents return from career breaks with experience that nothing else can teach. Let’s care for the people and the world around us by reducing plastic pollution, preserving sea life diversity but also running local initiatives to support our communities and young generations. Let’s care for securing a better tomorrow and becoming one global community.


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What we offer

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    Work-Life Balance

    Let’s care for health and wellbeing and driving initiatives to help create a healthy work-life balance for us all.

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    Inclusive Work Culture

    Let’s care about everything that makes you, you. Our global, diverse, inclusive & skilled workforce are key to our strategy so you can bring your whole self to work.

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    Learning Programs

    Let’s care for your professional development by providing advanced learning platforms to help employees grow and advance in their careers. 

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    Allianz Services in Germany

    In our Global Office in Munich you will find colleagues from central functions, customer excellence, business development and operations. With our global set up, we enable opportunities for our people, no matter in which of our locations they are based.
    Munich is also home to many of our Allianz Consulting colleagues, providing in-house management consulting services across the full value chain, to Allianz entities worldwide. With diverse backgrounds and expertise, our team helps the Allianz Group drive transformation projects in agile scaled practices, digital marketing& customer experience, sales& distribution, IT&T, claims& operations from our  hubs in Germany, Singapore, France, Italy, India and the US.

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    Allianz Services in India

    India is home to our largest center of competence for Insurance Operations, Business Consulting, Expert Services and Business Services. We take pride in our team of +3000 professionals working from Trivandrum and Pune, who deliver exceptional services and partnership to customers. We are a Great Place to Work®, supporting our employees to move up in their life and career, and received 1st place at the 4th CII National Kaizen Circle Competition in 2021. Our Facility in Pune is LEED V4 Gold Certified, demonstrating our serious commitment to the environment and the societies we operate in.

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    Allianz Services in Mauritius

    Allianz Services Mauritius is our center of competence for core insurance and assistance operations in the city of Ebene. We take pride in our team of +1000 professionals coming from different backgrounds and countries, adding to Allianz Services global experience, while offering competitive end to end insurance operations services, in both French and English

    At Allianz Services Mauritius, we care about our people and we listen carefully to their needs, ideas and goals, ensuring we are shaping our future together. 

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    Allianz Services in Romania

    Our Romanian center’s focus is on driving productivity and continuous improvement of operations, creating superior client experience, and contributing to the transformation of the Allianz Group through top quality Actuarial-, Financial Business-, and Professional Services, as well as Engineering Operations
    Our team of +600 professionals have high-end expertise, qualifications and multilingual capabilities. We aim to create an inspiring environment for our people to develop, while caring for our community and for shaping a better future together!

  • Allianz Services Scholarship Program


    Let’s care for your tomorrow. For reaching your full potential and building skills that are resilient to future changes. For accelerating your academic endeavors and the start of your career.

    Allianz Services partners with the University of Cambridge to support you in pursuing your university degree at Queen's College.




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