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Our Mission at Allianz Technology is Leading IT with you!~crlf~~crlf~Leading IT means shaping the IT agenda of Allianz, providing leading IT solutions to Allianz and showing the~crlf~confidence to lead... with you. Be the IT provider of the Allianz Group to run, optimize, transform and innovate infrastructure, applications and services together with OEs to co-create the best customer experience.~crlf~~crlf~The Gobal & Regional Lines pillar aims to support the whole Allianz Group in its evolution by providing dedicated business models for single Organizational Entities (OE) and OE’s that serve customers beyond a single national market. The Pillar provides end-to-end customer solution and 24/7 support worldwide. As an Ambassador of Allianz Technology we help to shape and innovate the digital agenda of our clients to provide excellent customer experience. ~crlf~~crlf~Within the Gobal & Regional Lines pillar the department Core Business Services is responsible for the P&L, E2E delivery, quality of core business services and relationship management.~crlf~~crlf~The required Role is assigned to Allianz Product Lab Service (APL). This service uses computer aided design (CAD) principles to digitize the product development in order to allow standardization and knowledge sharing at global scale. The modular product & offer concept of Allianz Product Lab (APL) enables global product harmonization and local offer specification.~crlf~~crlf~ The key objectives are: ~crlf~•Common language/taxonomy to support standardization~crlf~•Global library of reusable product elements~crlf~•Standardized product development process separating reusable product element specification from offer design~crlf~•Web front-end to design offers based on the global library~crlf~~crlf~~crlf~The job purpose is the Allianz Product Lab Development to support further development activities and ensure smooth operations.

•Development of frontend components of Allianz Product Lab (APL) Tool.~crlf~•Issue tracking and resolution for the frontend components~crlf~•Support of tracking down error cause and issue resolving on the backend (interface).~crlf~•Prepare technology changes of the project to Angular/Spring stack (optional).~crlf~•Understand backend behavior and concepts.~crlf~•Support users as first level contact.~crlf~~crlf~Further responsabilities:~crlf~~crlf~•Ensure proper communication to all stakeholders within ALZ Tech SE & Allianz Partners.~crlf~•Support user acceptance tests for all releases (major, minor, bug fixes).~crlf~•Support the execution of Projects.~crlf~•Ensure APL DEV Operations.~crlf~•Tracking of Tasks and Issues using JIRA or any other similar tolos.~crlf~

•Profound knowledge in object oriented and functional programming.~crlf~•Experience with Java and Spring Boot.~crlf~•Basic knowledge of SQL (JDBC / H2 / MySQL / PostgreSQL).~crlf~•Practical experience with following web languages is mandatory:~crlf~oJavaScript,~crlf~oJQuery,~crlf~oAngular,~crlf~o(Java – understanding connection to backend interface and model,~crlf~oCSS~crlf~•Practical experience with Git/ GitHub.~crlf~•Experience with XML and XML processing languages (read and understand syntax and content, e.g. XSLT).~crlf~~crlf~Desired Requirements:~crlf~~crlf~•Experience with OAuth authentication procedures (frontend perspective).~crlf~•Practical experience in designing and implementing Angular-based apps.~crlf~•Practical experience with Jenkins / Groovy / Helm scripting and deployment processes.~crlf~•Experience with knowledge representation approaches is a plus (otherwise to be trained).~crlf~•Knowledge of common web application stacks is a plus.~crlf~•Excellent communication skills in English (mandatory), German (optionally).~crlf~•Willingness to collaborate remotely.~crlf~•Experience in quality management or ITIL (ITSM process framework).~crlf~•Reliability, commitment, self-initiative, analytical, solution orientated.~crlf~•Highly motivated, work independently, team orientated working.~crlf~

Allianz is the home for those who dare – a supportive place where you can take the initiative to grow and to actively strengthen our global leadership position. By truly caring about people – both its 100 million private and corporate customers and more than 147,000 employees – Allianz fosters a culture where its employees are empowered to collaborate, perform, embrace trends and challenge the industry. Our main ambition is to be our customers’ trusted partner, instilling them with the confidence to grow. If you dare, join us at Allianz Group.~crlf~~crlf~We at Allianz believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce and are proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We encourage you to bring your whole self to work, no matter where you are from, what you look like, who you love or what you believe in.

At the core of the Group’s strength lies digitalization and its promise of growth opportunities through a ‘digital by default’ strategy. Allianz Technology SE is the principal driver behind transforming Allianz into a digital group – a quest to which nearly 7,500 Allianz Technology SE employees around the globe have committed themselves. Allianz Technology SE equips the Group with the most cutting edge digital solutions in the industry, bringing Allianz to the fingertips of its customers. At Allianz Technology SE , innovation is more than a buzzword; it is the business of the day, every day.

We are interested in your strengths and experience. This means that we welcome all applications, irrespective of other characteristics such as gender, ethnic background, origin or any disability.~crlf~~crlf~

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Desarrollamos modelos de jornadas laborales que dan a nuestros empleados flexibilidad en la planificación y organización de su trabajo y tiempo libre.
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"Uno de los mayores retos que he afrontado en Allianz ha sido cambiar de función desde un rol especialista a otro más transversal."

Isaac, Allianz España

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