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We provide our employees many ways to grow professional and personally. Our experts come from various locations, backgrounds and experiences. They can't wait for you to hear their stories.  
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We love development - in many ways and directions. A successful career at Allianz can involve having a variety of positions in different functions, countries and divisions. Your opportunities are limitless. You choose your path and make deliberate choices to drive your career. 
We want to bring in fresh perspectives, establish more diverse and innovative teams, contribute to a more agile organization and ultimately drive collaboration. Although mobility is often referred to cross-country experiences, at Allianz we see mobility in a much broader way and we consider cross-function and cross-organizational experiences also critical mobility experiences that will help you to obtains the skills and and knowledge needed.
If you think you can only grow and develop by taking on your manager’s role… well, not with us. We actively promote an environment where you can develop yourself according to your talents and aspirations. Whether this is becoming an expert, a member of the managerial staff or a multidisciplinary project manager. The concept of career opportunities at Allianz is a fluid one. Anyone on a given career track can switch over to another one. A broad range of training and development offerings will help you as your career progresses.

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