Allianz Technology | Munich | September, 2019
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Each year, we at Allianz Technology send our employees on a journey – the Allianz Technology Global Innovation Journey.

Every employee has the chance to hand in their creative ideas for new products and in the end, the best ones will really be implemented! The journey passes various stages and finds its big finale in the Innovathon, where the products are prototyped. Each journey focuses on one specific topic that has immediate impact on Allianz Technology business. So how does this all work? 

Each journey follows four steps: Problem Definition, Ideation, Prototyping, and Development. Ultimately, the target is the production of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP). 


This is what the journey looks like: 


It all begins – of course – with the announcement of the year’s topic, which matches the Strategic Ambitions of Allianz Technology. This way, we hope to foster high quality ideas and solutions that are aligned with Allianz Technology strategy.

With this starting shot, all the creative minds of Allianz Technology can start submitting their ideas for products or services they would like to realize. Diversity is key here. Everyone can participate, everywhere around the world.

Our journey’s mission is to actively support our employees with their ideas, where and how to improve our solutions and jointly bring ideas to life.

But the journey is not only global, it is digital and interactive as well. The submitted ideas are published on the Allianz Technology Global Innovation Blog and are free for voting to every employee. Together with topic experts and our Global Innovation Team, we then make a final selection of four top ideas for prototyping. And now for the even more exciting part: The idea owners of these four concepts get the chance to participate in a huge two-day event to build their prototypes and business cases in real-time – the Innovathon.

We supply the owners with skillset-based teams and then – let the games begin!

Our Innovathoners are also coached in Design Thinking during the event and participate in a Pitch Training.

Ultimately, one team will be voted winners by a jury – and the good news is: Not only will this concept be implemented! We believe that all the ideas, which made it to the Innovathon and were supported by our experts, deserve to be realized, so three MVPs will be built.


Global Innovation Journey 2019 - Simplicity meets Customer Experience 

This year’s mission, for example, was Simplicity meets Customer Experience and the top ideas included a concept for Automated Service Recharging and a Self-Healing Station for Workplace Services, as well as a draft for using Outlook to open IT support tickets and a conception for optimizing the personalized software on everyone’s workstation. 


But that is still not the end: We also send the top 17 to local Hackathons, where they again get the chance to have their products implemented.

Together with our employees, we want to create a better customer experience – for everyone.

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