Allianz SE | Munich | September 2019
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Career development is highly individual - but if you think you can only grow and develop by taking vertical career steps, you are missing out on many development opportunities.  

Development at Allianz SE

Development at Allianz SE is about growth through different experiences - on-the job and also off-the-job development - and in many directions - lateral, vertical, cross-OE and cross-functional moves. Crafting the right career path for individual growth isn’t an easy challenge. To support growth and develop our non-executives talents, we now offer the EVOLVE talent development program. Within the program, our talents build the skills needed to develop their careers, grow the skillset of the future, and apply their new skills in a business project.

The EVOLVE program

The program consists of multiple modules and workshops with both internal and external speakers. These provide our talents with a wide array of competency building and networking opportunities, as well as insights into the future of Allianz. Lastly, they apply their newly gained skills in a project to create value for both themselves and the company while broadening their experience and network. 

Start to build YOUR foundation

Have I caught your attention? Excellent! Here are some guidelines to help you get started. To know where you’re going, you need to know where you’re starting. Identify your individual strengths and define your personal mission and vision! What's important about self-reflection is taking enough time to do it. You also need to be in a calm, relaxed and focused state of mind. It's best to strip yourself of any past or present labels and job titles and take into account your whole person.

Are YOU ready?

Then let’s start. Use the “Your Reflected Best Self” exercise to get a clearer picture of your individual strengths through collecting feedback from colleagues, family members or customers. With the help of the “Your Missions Instructions” you can then define a personal mission statement that takes your strengths and passions into account and is authentic and attractive to you personally. Finally you can set up “Your Personal Development Plan” for the next 12 months. Pick and choose what works best for you, or invent your own format.

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