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    Scarlet-Marie from Allianz UK


    “It does not matter what anyone else thinks, if it makes you happy, no one else matters, and those that matter will not care.“

Scarlet-Marie, can tell us about yourself?


I'm Scarlet-Marie, a name that I'm so proud to recently be able to use, since I've announced my gender transition. I've worked at Allianz for five years, so many colleagues knew me as Davey. Colleagues would describe me as bubbly; well, maybe that's an understatement, as anyone who has ever met me would say if I am not laughing or smiling, I am not being myself. And I have been happy and always found the reason to laugh and smile, but I've also been experiencing an indescribable pain from gender dysphoria for as long as I can remember.

Why and when did you decide to transition?


There came a time in my life when I just knew I needed to be my true and authentic self. It sounds cliché but when you look in the mirror and that person looking back isn't who you are, you know you need to do something. I had also been performing as a female impersonator, and for a while that was a reprieve, living now and again as whom I wished to be, but now I have decided that it's time to be who I really am and not suppress myself.

What challenges have you faced and what joys have you found?


The most challenging thing was being brave and finally saying to myself: “It does not matter what anyone else thinks, if it makes you happy, no one else matters, and those that matter will not care.“ A colleague of mine told me this and still does to this day. Another challenge is my ability to grow a beard that rivals any man's, but thank goodness for modern day technology - lasers can help a lady out!
As for joys, there are so many. The messages I received and the love and support from my friends, colleagues and family. I laid the rules out not to treat me any differently, I said “I'm just doing a little bit of renovation on myself,” and it was met with such love. The joy of not making excuses and just being me. To feel trapped inside yourself and yourself being the only one that can release you from that prison, is a feeling I can never explain. The day I let myself out, well, all I can say is I didn't stop smiling, and although I know I have a lot of work to do and a long road ahead, to be standing and knowing where you are going and not feeling lost for the first time in your life is pretty exciting.

When did you tell your team and how did they react?


Some of my colleagues who I am close to already knew I was seeking medical treatment, but I made it public with a video on social media, where I knew my colleagues would see and some of my team. After I posted that video, I sat in fear of the response, worried about the outcome, but I was taken aback by the messages of support, messages being called an inspiration, an advocate; they just made me feel incredible.

Has Allianz supported you?


Oh my God, yes! I can't begin to express, what an incredible company to work for. I am safe to be who I am and be supported in my job. I cannot start to thank people enough. Allianz is made up of the people who work for them and they are the most forward thinking, diverse and incredible working family I could ask for. I will always thank Allianz and stand proud to say I am a transgender woman who worked and transitioned while with Allianz and was made to feel like there was nothing I couldn't achieve.

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