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Meet Liesa

Supporter of frank communication & Associate Special Projects at Allianz Real Estate in Frankfurt, Germany.

She says: “No work week is like the other.”

  • What’s your mission at Allianz?

    I am involved in special projects covering a diverse field of responsibilities, e.g. promoting digitalization/innovation topics as well as the implementation of debt and equity strategies. 3P client service, the general support of Allianz Real Estate’s CEO office North & Central Europe and driving the rollout of our customer relationship management tool for the Acquisition & Sales team are some of my main tasks.

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    What’s your career progression?

    Before joining Allianz, I worked as a tutor in Real Estate Investment at Florida International University in Miami and at the International Real Estate Business School in Regensburg, where I earned my doctorate. During this time, I also worked for a start-up investment manager - DW Real Estate in Munich - as an analyst for value-add investments. While studying, I always tried to add practical experience. This included internships at JLL Hong Kong and at Deloitte, as well as student jobs for diverse developers, all of which led to a comprehensive understanding of the real estate value chain.

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    What's surprising about your job?

    It should not be surprising anymore, but real estate is still a conservative industry. I like the fact that I work for two female bosses and that the project teams of Allianz Real Estate are predominately heterogeneous.

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    What’s your main career advice? What inspires you?

    Do not be afraid to take on a new project for which you might think that you do not have the necessary experience. Taking on challenges is fun and enables you to broaden your skills.

    I am always inspired by leaders who can both create value and strive to achieve a better sustainable future.