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Meet Fabio

Senior Legal Counsel at Allianz Italy – appreciating a proper balance between personal growth and professional career.

He says: “Allianz has a strong commitment towards customers and society – I help to protect it.”

  • What’s your mission at Allianz?

    I constantly advise the Allianz business units to take the best decisions while taking the lowest possible risks. Coordinating Italian litigations, reviewing drafts of contracts, conducting contract negotiations and assisting the company in extraordinary transactions are some of my main tasks. I protect Allianz from the legal risks it can encounter day by day, having in mind that our Group has strong commitments towards society.

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    What’s your career progression?

    After studying at a top ranked Italian university, I practiced in three different law firms and passed the bar exam. I represented several multinational companies in court. Then, I had the chance to join the Allianz Italy Legal Department and gained experience from a different perspective.

    One of the most exciting projects was the construction of the Allianz tower in Milan.

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    What's surprising about your job?

    Most people would think I am acting as a lawyer in the company, but I am actually more a manager than a lawyer right now.

    Also, I never imagined that I would organize events for other colleagues or that I would play a role in a theatre piece one day!

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    What’s your main career advice? What inspires you?

    Try to learn from everything in your day. Every task makes you a better professional!