Let Your Uniqueness Shine Through!

Every human is different; everyone has a unique life story to share, both personally and professionally.

At Allianz, we welcome the real you. Our inclusive culture lets people of all abilities show off their unique talents. It doesn't matter to us whether you're disabled or not: we always celebrate your uniqueness. By uniting such diverse abilities, we are committed to fostering an environment of creativity and innovation.

Together, let's break disability barriers and make our workplace more inclusive!

Why Disability Inclusion Matters?

Disability can affect people of any age at any stage of their lives, with varying levels of severity. There are around one billion people in the world who live with disabilities, which represents 15% of the world's population. That means one in eight people in the world has a disability. Approximately 80% of disabilities affect people between the ages of 18 and 65, which makes up the workforce age group. Therefore, we continually strive to ensure a diverse and inclusive work environment for everyone, including those with different abilities.

German Diversity Award 2022: Our CEO Oliver Bäte named "Personality of the Year"

  • Our CEO Oliver Bäte has won the German Diversity Award in the category “Personality of the Year” 2022, representing Allianz`s unwavering engagement and the commitment of our CEO to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I).


    Oliver is an avid supporter of DE&I, both as a personal concern and as a high strategic priority in managing the company. The DE&I strategy is firmly anchored in the business as a core component of our talent strategyand an integral part of our product design and customer communications. Allianz has set ambitious global targets for our five core diversity topics to be achieved by the end of 2024.






    “I hope that the future of disability inclusion highlights one critical point: We don’t talk about what we cannot do, but we talk about what we can do.”

    - Oliver Bäte

Hear Our Inspiring Voices

  • Christoph

    Let's meet Christoph who is disabled due to a car accident at age 19:

    "Allianz has always been good at supporting people with disabilities, particularly in providing physical infrastructure. However, we've not yet created an atmosphere people feel confident talking about their disabilities. A disability is not a difference that needs to be kept invisible but leveraged."

  • Katie

    Let's meet Katie who has suffered from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) since 2017:

    "Every manager I have had at Allianz I’ve felt I can be totally open about my condition, and I have felt very supported. IBS as well as loads of other conditions is an invisible illness, and these conditions often have a lot of stigma attached to them which makes it harder to talk about them openly. Allianz’s commitment to employee networks and employee well-being is a significant step toward starting these conversations."

  • Abdul

    Let's hear from Abdul, who suffered a stroke in May 2015 while traveling from South Africa to Germany:

    "At Allianz, I not only feel that I can contribute and develop my international professional experience, but also that I can get involved in equal opportunities and diversity as an employee with disabilities."

Our Efforts towards Disability Inclusion

At Allianz we value an individual's capabilities, not their limitations, and strongly believe that disability drives diversity in the workplace. 

In 2021, people with disabilities represented 4.7% of Allianz employees in our entities in Europe – which employs more than 76% of Allianz‘s global headcount.

We create specific initiatives for people with disabilities and continuously make an effort to raise awareness towards disability inclusion. It's very important to us that everyone feels like they belong in their workplace.

  • Allianz Global Olympic & Paralympic Partnership logo

    Olympic and Paralympic Movement

    Allianz got behind the Olympic & Paralympic Movements as the Worldwide Insurance Partner. Sharing the Olympic and Paralympic values, this partnership inspires us to provide confidence in tomorrow - for our customers and our employees.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              


  • Disability Talent Pool

    #Empower4Technology is an initiative to fully open up our job market to talents with disabilities and/or chronic conditions by helping to match them to meaningful career opportunities at Allianz Technology. If you feel like this portal is for you, register below and make the next great step in your career at Allianz Technology!                                                                  


  • Allianz Beyond logo

    Allianz Beyond

    The Allianz Beyond network aims to raise awareness on the topic of disability inclusion, to ensure that all Allianz workplaces are free of barriers, and to promote Allianz as an attractive employer for people with a disability                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


  • The Valuable 500

    At Allianz, we are proud to be a Valuable 500 Iconic Leader company, and we are currently working with the London Stock Exchange Group and the Valuable 500 team to co-create the Valuable Index, a reporting framework to put disability data on the financial agenda                                                                                                                                                                                  



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