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    Danis from Allianz Life Indonesia


    “What I love about Allianz is that I have enough space to share my ideas and to experiment.”

Danis, can tell us a bit about yourself and why you joined Allianz?


My name is Danis, I live in Jakarta and I lead the Digital Partnership, Credit Life, and Emerging Consumers department at Allianz Life Indonesia. 
I joined Allianz in June 2020, for two reasons: My number one reason was that Allianz is a strong company and a very prominent brand – actually my favorite football team is also sponsored by Allianz. Secondly, the management’s commitment to developing the digital insurance business and bringing insurance to the next level. With my background, coming from a digital company, I realized this was a very interesting opportunity and a great challenge at the same time, so I decided to go for it.

How would you describe the atmosphere at Allianz?


What I love about Allianz is that I have enough space to share my ideas and to experiment, because in digital insurance we need to try and learn from everything that we do. At Allianz, there is a great diversity of people and so far, I haven’t felt any difficulties in getting close with colleagues, even though I joined Allianz during a Work-from-Home situation and haven’t had a chance to meet them directly. But amazingly, people are very supportive and make it easy for me to adapt. I also see that the people here, as well as the whole management, are very open-minded for ideas and innovation.

Allianz’ promise as an employer is that we care for tomorrow. What does this mean to you?


For me it has a very deep meaning. My tomorrow is not only about me succeeding in my job and accomplishing certain projects. My tomorrow is my family, my kids and my life. I see that the company is really trying their best to secure my future and make my life better than ever, not only as an employee but as a person.

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