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Our technical people are the heartbeat that powers everything we offer at Allianz. We learn and develop best practice and leverage a global community of experts, to deliver technical excellence across our products. We are driven by our collective curiosity, expertise, and innovative minds to revolutionise the insurance industry, so we are ready when our customers need us.

A career in Product & Pricing at Allianz means you’ll be a part of the “bigger picture”, bringing your experience and drawing on your professional and creative skills to help secure the future for our business, and our customers.

Product and Pricing Job Profiles

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Actuarial Pricing Analyst

Pricing Analysts are like the behind-the-scenes heroes of Allianz, helping to ensure we price our insurance products in a way which delivers value to our customers . They're the numbers wizards who carefully crunch data and use some statistical magic and financial expertise, to create pricing models that secure the future for our customers.

Product Specialist

Product Specialists play a vital role in making sure our customers are well taken care of when the unexpected happens. They work to create and fine-tune insurance products that suit the various and unique needs of our customers and ensure that products are fit-for-purpose and easy to understand.

Portfolio Steering

A role in Portfolio Steering is like being a compass that helps guides our journey through a sea of the various risks and opportunities that our business may face. They collaborate and leverage data and insights to ensure our portfolio of products remain competitive and strong, adapting to changing market conditions.

Data Scientist

Data Scientists deep-dive into all-important data to analyse and gain insights into trends and patterns that enable us to make decisions to help secure the future of our business, and therefore, our customers. The Data Science space is constantly evolving, so each day is a rewarding new opportunity to learn, grow and make a positive impact.

Data Analyst

Data Analysts get excited about analysing trends, spotting potential risks, and uncovering learnings. With their passion for problem solving, they deep-dive into data to produce meaningful insights that help to shape our decision making that ultimately ensures we’re ready to support our customers when the time comes.

Hear from some of our Product & Pricing Innovators

  • Meet Alex

    I started as a Pricing Analyst, which was a great introduction to working in a technical insurance role. The amount of learning opportunities and change that we’ve seen across the last eight years has been incredible. The innovations in data science and machine learning have had an immense impact on the way we work today; and things like electric vehicles and artificial intelligence will undoubtedly shape the way we work in the future. We’re always looking for ways to be more efficient with our processes, and how we can use newer and faster algorithms in pricing. It’s very dynamic, enjoyable work.



  • Meet Jenny

    I hadn’t planned to go into insurance, but I knew I wanted to work for a global company. I started out not knowing what exactly I wanted to do, but the culture at Allianz was so fantastic and my leaders were so invested in my development that I knew I wanted to continue exploring my options within Allianz after the Grad program. I decided that if I wanted to make long lasting impacts in my work, I had to understand the fundamentals of insurance as a first step, so I moved into underwriting, after completing the Grad program.



  • Meet Monique

    I joined Allianz as a Senior Analyst for Crop Insurance.  I didn’t know how exactly I’d be helping farmers to continue farming, in times of hardship due to catastrophic weather. I worked in the Crop portfolio for a couple of years, and really loved it. We were always innovating and looking at new products and ways to help farmers. I later began working on Farm insurance as well, which gave me the opportunity to learn about other insurance covers such as Property and Motor, specifically focused in rural areas.



  • Meet Sally

    The Academy is a structured learning program created by Allianz Group that takes you through the basics of technical pricing skills such as data preparation and risk modelling, all the way through to machine learning techniques and best practice in natural perils pricing. It’s great that we have the experience and resources of Group to complement our local knowledge. As the whole team goes through this foundational training, you all have a consistent understanding and set of skills, which is a great base as the team evolves. With all the developments in areas such as AI and machine learning, we’re always learning and adapting which is really rewarding.



  • Meet Will

    We have a genuine focus on continuing to welcome and develop fresh ideas. There’s endless potential for innovation and improvement as part of our technical excellence ambitions, and I truly think all the technological buzzwords you hear are relevant at Allianz, such as ‘AI’, ‘machine learning’ and ‘data’. The technical product and pricing team could be described as the “heartbeat” that runs through an insurance business, and I think that’s very true here.



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