Allianz Olympic and Paralympic Partnership

Let’s care for tomorrow. For a better and more inclusive world through sports.

Allianz Australia – alongside the Allianz Group – is behind the Olympic & Paralympic Movements as the Worldwide Insurance Partner. Sharing the Olympic and Paralympic values, this partnership inspires us to provide confidence in tomorrow – for our customers, athletes and our employees.

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    Allianz Group has a long history of supporting sport across the globe, and in Australia, Allianz has been a proud partner of Paralympics Australia since 2011 and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) since 2019.

    In 2021, Allianz began its eight-year worldwide partnership as the global Olympic and Paralympic Insurance Partner.

    The power of sport unites us around a shared passion – our employees proudly embrace the opportunity to promote Olympic and Paralympic values and be part of a local and global community that shares our passion. We understand and appreciate the social, physical and mental benefits that sport and friendly competition can bring to communities everywhere.

    Join us in supporting our Australian athletes for Paris 2024 and beyond.

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Meet Allianz Australia Olympic and Paralympic Ambassadors

We’re proud to be the Worldwide Insurance Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Movements from 2021-2028. Meet our Olympic ambassadors – two of Australia’s most elite athletes who inspire us with their dedication and vulnerability.

Our Olympic Ambassadors

  • Cate Campbell, OAM

    Olympian, Swimming


    “Preparing for an Olympics is all consuming. It takes a lifetime of training, dedication, and years of unwavering passion.”

    Four-time Olympic gold medallist Cate Campbell inspires us all with her dedication, talent, and bravery.


  • Owen Wright

    Olympian, Surfing


    “Fear is always present, but for me it’s about embracing and acknowledging it, rather than wishing it away.”

    From devastating injury to an Olympic medallist, world-renowned surfer Owen Wright has one of the most incredible comeback stories in sport. Now retired, Owen looks to the next chapter of his career.    



Our Paralympic Ambassadors

  • Madison de Rozario, OAM

    Paralympian, Athletics


    “By speaking up, I hope to show that even athletes are vulnerable; it's ok to have fears, but we can't let our fears stop us from progressing.”

    Madison has competed at four Paralympic Games, winning 6 Paralympic medals, ten World Championship medals and four gold medals at the Commonwealth Games.


  • Nic Beveridge

    Paralympian, Triathlon

    Photo credit - Paralympics Australia


    Since making his Paralympic debut at Rio 2016, Nic has become one of Australia’s most successful Paralympic triathletes.


  • The Australian Steelers

    Wheelchair rugby team

    Photo credit - Paralympics Australia


    “We have been focusing a lot recently on getting comfortable with being uncomfortable."

    The Australian Steelers wheelchair rugby team have competed at every Paralympic Games since the sport gained full Paralympic medal status at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games.


Hear from Team Allianz' Olympians and Paralympians

Employee athletes of the Allianz Group share how their life as sporting professionals come together with a career at Allianz.

  • Malia Metella – silver medallist in swimming

    “Get out of your comfort zone!”

    Malia won the silver medal at the Olympic Games Athens 2004, and continues to train today. Her next challenge: to swim cross Lake Titicaca in just 10 days.

    Out of the pool, Malia is in charge of sporting events for Allianz France in Paris, and manages seats to rugby and soccer games owned by Allianz for the sales team.

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    Finding a healthy balance

    Sport is an important way for Malia to clear her mind in difficult moments. She approaches challenges with patience and preparation: “We are often our worst enemies when it comes to accepting new challenges. The best way to get there is to start small, and to go step by step.”

    Malia’s career advice? “Get out of your comfort zone! You might be surprised as to where you can use your skills.”

  • Djamal Hamache – Paralympic wheelchair basketball player

    “Don’t give up on your dreams.” 

    Djamal proudly represented the Algerian national wheelchair basketball team as team captain at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games – a memorable highlight to finish his career in sports. 

    Today, Djamal works as a product manager for personal insurance at Allianz France, using agile working methods to define solutions. He appreciates Allianz for its values, social commitments and ability to innovate and adapt to tomorrow's needs.

  • An image showing a man holding a basketball

    Djamal’s life at Allianz

    During his competitive years, Allianz gave him extra time off to prepare for major events like the Paralympic Games. Even as a retired Para athlete, he still stays active. He thinks it’s important for people to choose a physical activity that they enjoy and make it a priority – but be patient in making progress.

    Djamal is determined about the goals he sets for himself, and doesn’t let obstacles stand in his way. So, what career advice does he have for others? “Like in sports, you should never hesitate to take risks, face challenges and avoid settling for your comfort zone. Don’t give up on your dreams.


Athletes welcome!

We support Para athletes and athletes in finding new career opportunities. Join our athlete talent pool.

Mental Wellbeing Coaching by Allianz athletes

Allianz recognizes that mental health is important. In the lives of our athletes, but also the lives of our employees. We asked three of our employees who are familiar with both worlds for their tips to prepare for mentally demanding situations.
Learn from their experiences:

“Coping with new situations” with Georg Kreiter, Paralympian

Georg Kreiter is a retired Paralympic mono skier who now works as a graphic designer for Allianz Germany. He discusses the difficulties he faced following his fatal accident and how he was able to refocus twice: becoming a successful Para athlete and transitioning to a career at Allianz.
“A sense of mental wellbeing is simply more important than material things.”  - Georg Kreiter 

Join Allianz: Unlock Your Dream Career in Sports and Beyond

We care for athletes’ and para athletes’ tomorrow by offering job opportunities to talents who have proven to be exceptional performers, thanks to their mindset and skills.

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