Reconciliation at Allianz

At Allianz our vision for reconciliation is for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to be respected, included in all facets of society and through the removal of systemic barriers, be empowered to build prosperity and security for themselves, their families and communities.

Embarking on our reconciliation journey with the launch of our Innovate Reconciliation Action Plan in 2021, we have chosen to create a deliberately inclusive workplace which is representative of the customers we serve and the lands on which we operate.

Welcome to Country & Acknowledgment of Country

It is important for us to recognise the Acknowledgement of and Welcome to Country as being one way that we can pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who have lived and looked after this land for 75,000 years and who are part of the oldest continuous culture on the planet.

Incorporating welcoming and acknowledgement protocols into official meetings and events at Allianz Australia helps to promote and facilitate respect and an ongoing connection to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the First Australians and Traditional Custodians of land.

Our commissioned artwork

“At the centre of the painting is Allianz – growing, developing, and progressing towards reconciliation. The three larger areas at the top of the painting represent the three goals we are striving towards – Equality, Respect and Inclusion. The tracks between these areas represent the connection between our goals and the path that we need to take within our sphere of influence to make a sustainable difference to our customers and our communities. The dots in the painting signify the different Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Custodians of the Lands on which we live and work.”

Hayley Pearson, emerging contemporary Aboriginal artist

Originally from Darwin, Northern Territory, Hayley is a proud Bardi Jawi woman and is currently living in Broome Western Australia. She started painting three years ago through the Broome Girls Academy School Art Program and with the assistance of her academy teachers and mentors. Her love of her culture comes from her great Grandmother who is the matriarch of Hayley’s family.

Our Reconciliation Action Plan

Our commitment to reconciliation aligns with our purpose of ‘We Secure Your Future’ and is outlined in Allianz’s Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP). The RAP outlines our vision for reconciliation as well as the practical actions to take to meet our commitments. Allianz Australia’s RAP was developed in collaboration with Reconciliation Australia by an internal Allianz working group with representation from across the business, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.

  • “Our RAP is our pledge to work together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, organisations and communities to help build prosperity and security for what’s ahead.  It is also our opportunity to listen and learn from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, in order to make a sustainable contribution towards building reconciliation across our country.”

    Richard Feledy, Managing Director, Allianz Australia

  • “Like many Australian businesses, we are challenging ourselves to take meaningful steps towards reconciliation.  It is incumbent on all of us to create a place where everyone feels that they belong and are supported at each point in their lives.  As Australians, it is our responsibility to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity to build prosperity and feel secure – now and tomorrow.”

    Tara Laybutt, Chief Risk Officer and Executive Sponsor of Reconciliation

Winangali Research Report

In 2022, Allianz Australia commissioned the Winangali Research Report, with a view to understanding the insurance needs of small and medium sized First Nations businesses, their attitudes, and behaviours regarding insurance products for businesses. The research also seeks to understand from First Nations business owners the elements and factors that will support and strengthen First Nations businesses in the future.