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Core Insurance

There is a wide variety of job functions within the core insurance business: Our Underwriting department ensures the profitable development of our business by harmonizing superior risk management and customer needs. Corporate Customers from manifold industries, such as space & aviation, marine, entertainment, events, art and many more will be your external counterparts. Group Operations focuses on organizational management and process improvement at Allianz subsidiaries around the world. The Sales department plays a crucial role in our success by providing high-quality advice and service to customers, using a variety of channels such as tied agents, internal sales forces, brokers and affinity partners. The Claims Management team takes care of the claims handling process, such as coverage and liability investigation, loss evaluation, bodily injury/rehabilitation management, litigation management, settlement negotiations and fraud investigations, while delivering a consistent and positive customer experience. We are hiring for positions from policy administration to complex claims handling, claims operations and customer communication. Let’s care for a better future of those we serve.


The core activities of our Finance department are key to our success. Our Accounting specialists support complex objectives such as preparing the Group’s financial statements. Group Management Reporting plays a key role in providing transparent and relevant information to the management, regulators and capital markets. Controlling supplies expert information, analyses and recommendations to the Board of Management. The colleagues in Business Development and Economic Research drive new business opportunities and provide growth and profitability analyses, market forecasts and trend assessments. Our Risk Management team is responsible for the precise analysis of the risk profiles of Group subsidiaries. Let’s care for, making the future feel less unpredictable.

Interdisciplinary Functions

Interdisciplinary functions deal with overarching topics: Group Audit’s main responsibility is to audit departments and provide advice and support for special projects designed to foster national and international, interdisciplinary exchange within the company. The colleagues in Communications protect and enhance the reputation of the Allianz Group and ensure consistency in external and internal communications worldwide. They also provide internal advice on all corporate communication issues. HR is responsible for developing and implementing corporate HR strategies and providing professional HR guidance and support to business leaders and employees. The Legal department ensures that Allianz, as a company that operates worldwide, resolves any legal issues relating to corporate law, capital market law, mergers & acquisitions, antitrust law, intellectual property law, as well as international law or contract law. Compliance supports, monitors and enforces the fair and regulatory business practices of Allianz. Marketing looks after a number of strategic and operational topics, such as market and customer intelligence, market strategy, insurance trends, brand management and communications, sales activation and multi-channel customer relationship management. For this they use the latest digital trends like gamification, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Let’s care for understanding the big picture.

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Explore the variety of job opportunities and find the position that suits you best.

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    Meet Lana from Team Allianz


    "I appreciate that Allianz invests in our people. As People Development consultant, I support our employees in acquiring and mastering future oriented skills, making both our people and Allianz ready for the future.”


    Lana, HR at Allianz SE

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    Meet our Allianz Experts


    Careers at Allianz are as manifold as our people. Want to learn more about the people working at Allianz and the careers they are pursuing? Let us introduce you to our experts from various business areas. Read their personal stories.


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    Working with people from various backgrounds

    The key to our success are more than 140,000 employees – each adding value, each adding different skills. At Allianz we encourage diversity of minds to provide best solutions for the diverse client needs worldwide. We bring together specialists of different disciplines to take on the challenges of our customers around the world. 



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    Advantages of a global player

    Working for the world’s leading financial services provider means to enjoy the great benefits of international organizational structures. Allianz entities are spread around the globe, and yet collaborating on many projects. Our employees work internationally, within global business lines or in a local market setup. In the global infrastructure of Allianz Group, our employees benefit from a large network of experts, access to the latest data and state-of-the-art methods and tools. Together, we all care to make a better tomorrow. 


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