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Let’s care for tomorrow. For the freedom to explore. Want to make innovation a reality, deliver digital services at their best and disrupt the industry? At Allianz, we offer many opportunities for IT talents.

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Software Engineer

Software engineers in Allianz are at the heart of our ability to deliver market leading experiences to millions of customers in countries all over the globe - every day. Whether you are excited by creating micro services to create reliable and flexible solutions using domain-driven design, or by seeing your website’s analytics improve due to a new micro-interaction you developed, Allianz provides a wide range of opportunities.

Using the latest UX methodologies we strive to understand our customers’ true needs. Business and technology colleagues then define and prioritise requirements to find solutions and deliver them using CI/CD pipelines to our hybrid cloud platform. Our DevOps practices allow us to deploy changes on demand that gives all stakeholders the opportunity for continuous feedback, and teams the opportunity to continuously improve. All the while, our site reliability engineers ensure we are there for our customers when they need us.

Software engineers build applications that positively affect millions of people using a cutting edge tool stack. With the option to develop solutions with Angular, .Net, SQL Server and cloud platforms, Allianz offers a variety of tools to choose from. Our diverse international workforce fosters a truly collaborative environment and Allianz is dedicated to supporting your career development.

Our teams interact with a variety of stakeholders and contribute to a broad variety of projects in close collaboration with other business units. Every project is delivered by a cross-functional team that works in an agile, collaborative, and iterative manner.

Information Security Officer

In our line of business, it is vital that our customers trust us. Taking care of the highly sensitive data of our business, customers and employees is of the utmost importance.

Information security officers work closely with our data privacy officers to ensure that our data processes are highly secure. As an information security officer, you support and consult our business units in the implementation of products and services. To ensure that new products are compliant with our internal IT and information security requirements as well as external binding requirements, our information security officers evaluate potential security risks and breaches. By setting up business impact analyses and risk analyses, e.g., with penetration tests of API’s and technical assessments of data flows, they make sure that productive data is protected.

Data Security Officers permanently monitor and follow up on relevant regulatory and technical developments. They design security concepts and data flows in close cooperation with Legal, Compliance and other business units to enhance operational execution. In our fast-paced environment, you support the harmonization of customer journey excellence and regulatory and security challenges.

Product Owner

The best products are developed when different perspectives and competencies come together. As a product owner, you steer our agile teams towards realizing the product vision. Organizing the right skills at the right time is a key responsibility. Product owners coordinate the process of optimizing and developing products and internal processes. They manage the cooperation of cross-functional teams with business analysts, software architects and DevOps.

With an array of tools at their disposal, product owners employ an agile methodology to streamline workflows and continuously improve the product based on UX findings. Jira, Confluence and access to a wide range of other applications, help to manage the projects. Our teams benefit from full access to Git/GitHub Enterprise and test software structures. Allianz provides a flexible and stable infrastructure, thereby facilitating continuous deployment.

Software Architect

The core responsibility of our software architects is to understand the business requirements and translate them into sustainable software solutions. Their tasks range from IT solution design for agile implementation projects to enterprise architecture methodologies leveraging economies of scale and shorter time-to-market. In close collaboration with local project teams, group platforms and other strategic partners, our software architects work on both conceptual and technical designs.

Software architects provide guidance and ensure high quality support to development teams by understanding client-side technologies across the full IT stack. This includes UI related technologies like Angular or Java, integration architecture based on API, and core insurance backend systems.

This ultimately leads to fast and efficient implementation and a high degree of reuse across multiple project initiatives on a global scale. Supporting product and process harmonization based on a consolidated IT landscape is the main strategic driver for software architects.

In close cooperation with our business departments, software architects develop new solutions and ideas based on the Group Architecture Blueprint the global IT platforms for digital interaction, underwriting, pricing and policy management. For our internal IT environment, software architects provide standards and frameworks, including technical and coding standards, tools, applications and platforms.

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We offer a variety of career opportunities in the IT area. Explore what suits you best.

  • Graduates: Develop your IT talent and jump-start your IT career with an entry-level IT job or with one of our graduate programs. Graduates work on key strategic projects and initiatives in close cooperation with cross-functional departments to implement IT strategies across the Allianz Group. Search for your next opportunity and find the job that suits you best.
  • Professionals: As an experienced IT professional, we encourage you to shape your career as an expert or manager with positions across the Allianz world. Our digital transformation requires innovative, creative and user-friendly solutions developed by IT experts with new perspectives. In our dedicated leadership programs managers learn to drive the IT business, master upcoming challenges through further developing their strategic, entrepreneurial and transformational capabilities.

Explore the wide range of job opportunities and find your new challenge at Allianz. 

Jobs for IT & Digital Experts

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    Global Digital Factory (GDF): Allianz’ innovation hub


    As a digital transformation unit, the GDF has built engaging digital customer experiences since 2016 and helps Allianz entities around the world to transform their businesses to constantly improve customer satisfaction. The GDF explores innovative ways of working, new methodologies, user-centric designs and cutting-edge-technologies.

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    Meet our Allianz Experts

     “From a personal experience I would say that Allianz is a great place to work if you want to develop your skills and if you want great challenges because it all comes with a great group of people”

    Miquel, IT Software Practice Lead

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    Leading IT with you


    Allianz Technology is the global IT service provider for Allianz that drives the digital transformation of the Group. With its 11,000 employees in 36 countries, Allianz Technology is shaping the IT agenda of Allianz by providing end-to-end solutions that span the full digitalization spectrum.



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