Career Development

At Allianz Ireland, we care for tomorrow and this is no different when it comes to the potential of our people. Our aim is to create an environment which promotes professional development by fostering a culture of learning. Through our dedicated learning platforms, we have empowered our teams to take control of their own developmental needs, enabling our people to shape their own career journeys.

Build a Career with Allianz

  • We recognise the individual and we want to bring out the best in all of our people. We nurture and invest in talent to ensure great people build great careers with us. Besides making use of performance management, succession planning and leadership development, we offer our employees a range of learning and development programmes with guaranteed time for personal and professional development. From lunch-and-learn sessions and internal training to external courses, LinkedIn Learning and more. 

    We take professionalism in the industry seriously and support professional qualifications. Many of our employees are members of the Insurance Institute of Ireland (III) and we also support memberships of many other professional bodies. 

    There's always opportunity to learn more and develop skills.

Let’s tailor your development needs

Understanding Career Transitions

  • In today’s working environment your career will rarely follow a straight line from start to retirement. At Allianz, we see mobility in a much broader way, and we consider cross-function and cross-organizational experiences also as critical mobility experiences that will help you to obtain the skills and knowledge needed for your career.

  • Exploration

    You find a desired career opportunity, or you identify new tasks to work on. 

  • Growth 

    You develop and value your role, but you also learn to accept your own limitations. 

  • Establishment 

    You do things you wanted to do, develop new skills and settle down in a suitable position. 

Development Program

  • We actively promote an environment where you can develop yourself according to your talents and aspirations. Whether this is becoming an expert, a member of the managerial staff or a multidisciplinary project manager. The concept of career opportunities at Allianz is a fluid one. Anyone on a given career track can switch over to another one. A broad range of training and development offerings as well as regular performance related conversations will help you as your career progresses.


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Read Personal Career Paths from Allianz Employees

  • Meet Florian

    After being for 9 years in various Finance areas, I moved from Allianz Partners to Human Resources at AGCS where I am currently heading the HR Data Strategy and Operations team. The global and diverse setup of Allianz always enabled me to move forward, learn and get new experiences. It is hard to imagine where else than at a global company like Allianz this would be possible. Changing the business functions helped me to adapt to different perspectives and enables me to drive and transform our organization further. Remember to always be brave, don't be afraid of failure, take the extra mile (it's always worth it), and embrace challenges.

  • Meet Lana

    I have started working at Allianz as a working student, supporting several different global rollouts in the Learning and Development field. As a student, the big world of Allianz seemed somewhat intimidating, however, I’ve had a bit of great luck working with a very empowering manager and team, that also gave me meaningful tasks which developed my skills further. When I graduated, I was lucky enough to be offered a full-time position – not in my team due to full capacity, but another one, where my manager recommended me. This showed how important it is to have a manager who is supporting you and acting also as a mentor and sponsor on your development path. As I was reaching the learning curve plateau in my first full-time position, I was lucky enough to be asked to move to a new position based on the network I have developed in my full-time position. Next to having a supportive manager, having a strong network is another key element in one’s career development. Taking opportunities to participate in different types of networks, events, and programs across Allianz is a great way to improve your own visibility and also grow through getting to know people from different functions and roles. This also helps you to understand what else is there beyond your own function bubble and develop a sense of where you wish to go further in your career development. 

Investing in Talent & Caring for Tomorrow



    We're the #1 insurance company among the Top 50 most attractive employers worldwide! This recognition encourages us in our journey to be an admired employer in the industry and sustain our focus on attracting the best talent. 

More Helpful Tips

  • Ways of Working

    Technology and digitalization are being used like never before, requiring flexible working models and continuous learning and development. Explore how our flexible, collaborative, and agile Ways of Working come to life at Allianz.                                                 


  • Benefits

    Life has twists and turns, that's why we offer our support to you with competitive compensation, flexible working, health & well-being, parental leave, and a seamless return to work. At Allianz, you can experience attractive, fair, and sustainable benefits, in all of our entities worldwide.


  • Health & Well-being

    We care for life’s twists and turns. We provide flexible working and focus on your outcomes rather than your physical presence. We support you to stay fit and healthy and offer parental leave so you can spend more time with your new family.                                                                  


  • Application Tips

    Looking for a career with Allianz? Check out our Application Tips for more information regarding our job search, how to apply, and our recruitment process.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


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