Employee Benefits

At Allianz Ireland, we provide attractive, market-leading, and sustainable benefits.  

Life has many facets and different phases, which is why we offer our support to you with competitive compensation, flexible working, health and well-being, parental leave, and an easy and smooth return to work.

Benefits Done Right

Your ambitions, your dreams, your challenges matter to us. Today and tomorrow.

Our Benefits - We Care for You

Supporting your physical and mental health

Planning for a more prosperous today and tomorrow

The flexibility you need to balance work and private life

Opportunities for you to learn and grow professionally

  • Health

  • Money

  • Time

  • Career

  • We at Allianz encourage our people to live a healthy lifestyle, which we think is a basic requirement to perform at work and in any personal endeavor. The maintenance of physical, mental, and emotional stability and balance is highly valued, this is why we at Allianz support a healthy mind and body by offering:  

    • Active health and well-being programme  
    • Mental Health First Aid Training  
    • Free access to Employee Assistance Programme  
    • Health Screening  
    • Wellness Classes  
    • Free access to wellbeing and meditation app  
    • Free access to online GP services  
    • Access to Cycle to Work and Transport Ticket Schemes
  • At Allianz Ireland, we foster a working environment where both people and performance matter. A competitive base salary is matched with company performance related bonuses.  

    • We closed the Equal Pay Gap in 2021 (0%) and together with employee representatives have all measures in place to ensure that it continues to stay closed in future 
    • We offer access to employee stock purchase plans  
    • We provide immediate access to a generous pension contribution plan  
    • We provide access to regular financial advice through established partnerships
  • Allianz has developed and implemented a Hybrid Working Option to assist employees in balancing their own personal needs whilst fulfilling career and business objectives. This includes.. 

    • Flexible working arrangements  
    • Allowance to purchase working from home equipment   
    • Working from home allowance  
    • 22 days annual leave & 2 company days 
    • Paid maternity & paternity leave  
    • 1 volunteer day per year 
  • We at Allianz, support and foster development in our people. A successful career at Allianz can involve having a variety of roles in different functions, countries, and divisions. Your opportunities are limitless. Choose your path and make deliberate choices to drive your career.  

    • A positive learning and growing environment that encourages every employee to regularly discuss development goals, steps, and actions with their manager. 
    • Allianz supports further professional and academic study supports as part of career development 
    • Profession membership relevant to your role are paid for by us  
    • Access to learning programs e.g. LinkedIn Learning, and Degreed 
    • Opportunities for Internal Travel and career mobility  

Allianz Global View

We are a truly global company and operate as an international insurer on almost every continent. No matter if you are searching for career opportunities in Europe, Asia Pacific, America, or Africa, we exist around the globe. This also means that along with our Global benefit standards we have a country-driven approach in regards to benefits since benefits plans can vary significantly between countries.

Allianz Ireland


    From the very first day you join our team, you will know that your contributions are valued. We also provide you with the following benefits: 

    • 22 days annual leave & 2 company days 
    • Working from home allowance  
    • 1 volunteer day per year 
    • Active health and well-being programs : wellness classes, wellbeing & mediation app and free access to GP services
    • Access to learning programs e.g., LinkedIn Learning and Degreed 

We Are Here For You Beyond Work

  • Allianz pride logo

    Allianz Pride is our employee network for LGBTQ+ inclusion. We encourage a corporate culture that values the diversity of all our employees, independent of their gender expression and sexual orientation, to make the most of their talents and creates a working environment free from discrimination.


  • Allianz NEO logo

    Allianz NEO is our employee network focusing on gender balance, inclusion and equality. It evolved from women‘s networks across the Group. Because to achieve gender equality, all genders need to be part of the discussion.

  • Allianz Beyond logo

    The Allianz Beyond network aims to raise awareness on the topic of disability inclusion, to ensure that all Allianz workplaces are free of barriers, and to promote Allianz as an attractive employer for people with a disability.


  • Allianz Grace logo

    Allianz GRACE is our employee network for nationality/ethnicity inclusion. GRACE provides a platform across the Group to connect and exchange the learning and insights needed to foster a work environment inclusive for all, independent of race, cultural ethnicity or nationality.

  • Allianz Engage logo

    Our efforts for age inclusion are strongly supported by Allianz Engage, our employee network for age inclusion. Through Allianz Engage, our employees are invited to actively contribute to a company culture where the knowledge of all generations is called upon and people can continue to thrive throughout the different stages of their lives.

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