Allianz Ways of Working

Times have changed. How we work and do business around the world is shifting—how we use technology, where & when we work, what skills we need, and more. Technology & digitalization are being used like never before, requiring flexible working models and continuous learning and development. While these trends have been steadily emerging, the COVID pandemic accelerates our transformation already in progress at Allianz. So things change, yes, and Allianz evolves.

Explore how our flexible, collaborative, and agile Ways of Working come to life at Allianz.

Hello Hybrid!

Our Ways of Working in action!

Hybrid—it’s how we work and do business.

Flexibility, collaboration, and productivity guide our hybrid work model. We offer you the option to work remotely at least 40% of the time and you may also be eligible to work up to 25 days a year abroad. Remote opportunities are also supported by the right in-office spaces that allow you to think creatively and work best with your colleagues.

Digital up!

Collaborate and innovate with your colleagues in real-time using our global tools that help you work across locations, borders, and devices.  

Your health and well-being—it’s a priority.

We offer robust professional mental health, well-being, and development offerings to keep you healthy and working as your best self. From a global mindfulness community (that offers daily mindfulness sessions among other offerings), to free 24/7 mental health support, and a global meeting etiquette that outlines meeting free times and breaks between calls, we care that you experience the right balance between life and work. Learn more about our benefits here!

Dedicated opportunities and time just for learning.

Take ownership of your growth and development fostered within a lifelong learning culture that encourages you to devote one hour of work time per week to learning. This is supported by thousands of digital learning opportunities that can be further customized into pathways to specifically address your personal development plans and career goals.

Thrive in a culture of collaboration, trust, empowerment, and outcome-focused performance!

We offer team workshops to help you build the right hybrid habits, equip our leaders with development programs, work using agile methodology, and offer everyone engagement and volunteering opportunities.

Working Flexibly in Allianz

From working across borders to embracing remote work, our commitment to creating a work environment adapts to your individual needs and lifestyle. Discover the essence of flexible working at Allianz through the insightful words of Robert, our Head of People and Resourcing.

Did You Know?

  • Shaping the future of work

    In August 2021, Allianz rolled out a set of Global Minimum Standards for its new Ways of Working (WOW) applicable to Allianz companies Group-wide.


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