Building an exciting future with the Allianz Graduate Program

The personalised approach of Allianz’s Graduate Program is what really appealed to Annalise Lisboa when she first joined in 2021.


    One of the things that drew me in was the opportunity to curate my own development plan,” Annalise says. “I’ve rotated through Financial Institutions, Technical Commercial Products, and Strategy and Customer Insights, with the opportunity to work on a variety of projects. Each team has allowed me to work on specific goals while being supported to develop holistically as a young professional, new to the industry.

So far, Annalise has worked on everything from developing new product features to conducting customer research, as well as having the chance to present to senior leaders in the business. “It’s all been a really great learning experience.” she says.

Translating passion into a career


Annalise built up a deep passion for problem-solving in business while studying International Business and Economics – a passion she’s been able to pursue as an Allianz Grad.

Seeing the impact of adapting to changing market trends and optimising operations to strategy encouraged me to develop my interest,” Annalise explains. “I’ve loved that the Grad Program has offered many opportunities to explore all sorts of problem-solving with things like participating in hackathons and attending conferences that delve into trends in the insurance industry, such as technology and sustainability.

Now, Annalise is driven to use her learnings to help drive long-term value for Allianz Australia.

Technology is a huge part of my passion as it continues to play such a pivotal role in our industry,” she says. “The way that technology is progressing, it’s important for me to keep up to date with the latest innovations in order to help Allianz better understand how we can apply them to our business.

My aim is to gain a deep understanding of how technology can be used to improve the experience for our customers while optimising processes.

Broad learning and varied perspectives


Annalise says she’s had exposure to a wide range of teams and skill sets, through which she’s cultivated both a strong understanding of the insurance industry, and of Allianz as a business. She’s also benefited from numerous mentors, each with a different area of specialty.




    I’ve developed so much, because of the networking and mentorship from the leaders across our company. It’s provided me with diverse perspectives and helped me to tackle challenges.

For example, my time in Technical was focused on how best to create a product that adheres to the company values. We looked at the impact of new technology and risks and used that knowledge to inform future planning with a meaningful outcome. The Commercial team gave me a different perspective; focusing on how we could optimise the experience of the product.

The rotations through different divisions have opened Annalise’s eyes to the many different areas she could specialise in and has connected her to people who share similar career aspirations. As for her future? She says she’s very excited to see what comes next.

 “I’m looking forward to continuing to develop and hopefully keep making a difference with Allianz!

The Allianz Graduate Program

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