Customer Care Agent 1

Job Level:  Entry Level


Area of Expertise:  Customer Services & Claims
Unit:  Allianz Partners
Job Type:  Full-Time
Remote Job:  Hybrid working
Employment Type:  Permanent
ID:  42217
Position Cluster: 

Key Responsabilities :

  • Perform front office activities;
  • Act as Level 1 support in the claims department;
  • Answer telephone inquiries from customers (physical clients or agencies) regarding road side assistance claims;
  • Create road side assistance claims, coordinate with service providers to ensure help arrives at the exact location and agreed upon time
  • Perform outbound calls to clients and service providers after the claim has been resolved
  • E-mail communication within claims department;
  • Use systems to check information required by customers;
  • Fully adhere to claims guidelines, as well as ensuring the other directives such as compliance, antitrust law, economic sanctions or anti-fraud are met.

Key Requirements : 

  • Advanced German & English   level – minimum C1 (writing, speaking, reading)
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills;
  • Customer centricity;
  • Attention to details;
  • Proven track record of working and achieving targets;
  • Ability to handle and analyze a large amount of information;
  • Proactive attitude, team spirit;
  •  Good MS Office skills.

42217 | Customer Services & Claims | Entry Level | [[custPositionClusterCSB]] | Allianz Partners | Full-Time | Permanent


We are ONE of the 4 Global Centers of Competence that Allianz Partners has around the word and we deliver back office and front office assistance and claims management services for customers or Allianz entities based in: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Ireland, Italy, Romania or for Global Contracts;

We CARE about us as a team the same We CARE about our customers;

We DARE to have fun the same we DARE to look for solutions or improvement;

We CARE about nature, children, about the world the same we CARE about our own development.