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Care Centre Agent - Internship Program

Job Level:  Apprenticeship / Dual Studies


Available until:  25/01/2023
Area of Expertise:  Customer Services & Claims
Unit:  Allianz Partners
Employing Entity:  NEXTCARE Claims Management LLC
Job Type:  Full-Time
Remote Job:  Not applicable
Employment Type:  Permanent
ID:  20672



The main duty of a CareCentre - Agent is to respond to telephone inquiries about the company's products or services by following standard scripts and procedures. The incumbent is also responsible to ensure that all calls are answered within predetermined time scales and are dealt with the highest standards of customer service.  The CCA will also document details of telephone conversation and actions taken, in order to make further follow-ups and corrective action as required. The CCA will correspond with CareCentre - Supervisor and CareCentre - Manager accordingly and comply to provide a customer-oriented service at all times.




Main Tasks:


Builds a customer-oriented focus in the CareCentre by providing quality actions and resolutions to their concerns and queries.
Follows communication/update expectations with clients, in accordance with the Nextcare policies, scheme or agreed time frames set.
Answers inbound calls as well as assist customers who have specific inquiries.
Builds customer’s interest in the services and products offered by the company.
Provides personalized customer service of the highest level.
Updates the existing database with changes and the status of each existing/prospective customer/member.
Documents details of telephone conversation and actions taken.
Corresponds with CareCentre - Supervisor and CareCentre - Manager and keep an open channel of communication.
Maintains records and close-loop each call by completing the clerical duties which includes faxing, filling up paperwork, doing checks on credit references, as well as liaising with other departments.
Analyzes the various parts of a problem properly and develop logical solutions within the permitted scope of work.
Minimum Requirements: 
Bachelors Degree or soon to graduate medical degree holder 
Physically fit to carry out duties.
Legally permitted to work in the country of operations.
•Has family visa
Fluency in MS Office (Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint) and general internet navigation and research skills
Please note - this is an internship position, therefore you must be newly graduated or about to graduate.