Specialist - L&H Claim Administration

Job Level:  Professional

Bangkok, TH, 10330

Available until:  30/11/2022
Area of Expertise:  Customer Services & Claims
Unit:  Allianz Thailand
Employing Entity:  Allianz Ayudhya Assurance Pcl.
Job Type:  Full-Time
Remote Job:  Not applicable
Employment Type:  Permanent
ID:  11830

Your Day at Allianz Ayudhya

1) Document Management & Data Entry

- Receive the documents related to claims, and distribute to the relevant parties with accuracy and in timely manner

- Perform data entry for Claim Reimbursement and Hospital assessment

- Support team to handling and keeping the claims related documents2) Allianz Ayudhya Care Hospital Network and Medical Claim Analysis

  • On-site and internal reviews and utilization survey with clients to evaluate services received and documents evidence through interview/investigative reports as assigned.
  • Communicate with hospital networks to resolve instances of inappropriate utilization
  • Prepare the Abuse/Miss utilization Report to management


2) Claims Approval

- Support team to investigate and make decision for Group claim’s hospital assessment in the system

- Support team in preparing and submitting the payment reports of Claims Reimbursement, Hospital assessment, and Claims Hospital Fax to Finance & Accounting in order to issue cheque or transfer money

- Claims Hospital Fax

- Receive the documents from Claim Hospital Fax

- Check the correctness and completeness of documents, approved amount by comparing with the amount in document

- Edit hospital’s discount in the system

- Prepare payment correspondent letter with tax deduction documents to hospitals, after payment transactions

- Claims Reimbursement: Prepare and submit letter to customers for claims reimbursement

- Collect and return the claim documents to customers/ hospitals for the cases rejected

- Support team in performing the actions in case of additional information required

- Issue memo into the system for administration in performing next steps

-  Submit to investigation

-  Request the hospital record from hospital


Must Have

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, or other related field
  • 0 to 2 years of experience in Claims Administration, Underwriting Administration , or other related fields in insurance industry