Allianz Olympic & Paralympic Partnership

Let’s care for tomorrow. For a better and more inclusive world through sports. 

Allianz got behind the Olympic & Paralympic Movements as the Worldwide Insurance Partner. Sharing the Olympic and Paralympic values, this partnership inspires us to provide confidence in tomorrow - for our customers, athletes and our employees.

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    In 2021, Allianz has officially begun its eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Movements. Just like them, Allianz has a strong global presence and a good track record in sports. We are proud in the UK to have hosted the summer edition of the Olympic Games on three occasions – 1908, 1948 and 2012, all in London, second only to the United States. 

    We are proud to be a supporter of the Movements and celebrate being one of the TOP Partners. The power of sport unites us around a shared passion; it connects our employee community worldwide, including experts who make the partnership happen and talented athletes, para-athletes, and sport professionals who joined our company.

    Currently, we are full of excitement and getting ready for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris 2024.

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Team Allianz’ Olympians and Paralympians

We care for athletes’ and Para athletes’ tomorrow by offering job opportunities to talents who have proven to be exceptional performers, thanks to their mindset and skills. Our colleagues share how their life as sport professionals comes together with a career within Allianz.

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    Djamal Hamache – Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Player


    “Don’t give up on your dreams.” 

    Djamal proudly represented the Algerian national wheelchair basketball team as team captain at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games – a memorable highlight to finish his career in sports. 

    Click to read more about Djamal’s job at Allianz, his experience in combining sports and work, and his number one career advice.

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    At Allianz


    Today, Djamal works as a product manager for personal insurance at Allianz France, using agile working methods to define solutions. He appreciates Allianz for its values, social commitments and ability to innovate and adapt to tomorrow's needs.

  • Sports & work


    During his competitive years, Allianz gave him extra time off to prepare for major events like the Paralympic Games. Even as a retired Para athlete, he still stays active. He thinks it’s important for people to choose a physical activity that they enjoy, and make it a priority – but be patient in making progress.

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    Djamal’s career advice


    Djamal is determined about the goals he sets for himself, and doesn’t let obstacles stand in his way. So, what career advice does he have for others? “Like in sports, you should never hesitate to take risks, face challenges and avoid settling for your comfort zone. Don’t give up on your dreams.”

  • Ian Philip Seidenfeld U.S. Paralympian – Para Table Tennis


    "Take a moment to breathe before the chaos of a stressful situation begins” 

    Ian's triumph in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games was particularly meaningful to him as his father had been his coach throughout his journey to win the gold medal.
    Click to read more about Ian’s role at Allianz and his number one career advice.

  • At Allianz


    Ian joined Allianz Life in the US after studying finance at his university. He already had experience with Allianz, mentoring a group of Allianz employees as part of the Allianz Buddy Program. As an Internal Sales Consultant, he now works with colleagues from the sales organization, ensuring they have the latest product knowledge and sharing innovative sales strategies. Additionally, he collaborates with the team at Allianz Life that manages the Olympic and Paralympic Partnership locally, where he provides insights from his experiences as a Para athlete.

  • Ian's Advice for a healthy work-life-balance


    Ian continues playing table tennis at a high-performance level as he can balance work and sports. He makes it a daily routine to play table tennis right after his workday at Allianz. "Allianz promotes a good work-life balance with a clear separation of time, allowing me to focus on work during work hours and my personal needs outside of work," he says.

  • Ian's career advice


    Ian finds it important to challenge himself as much as possible at work but ensures that he doesn't carry any negative emotions beyond the workplace, much like his mindset in sporting competitions. His career advice is: "Enjoy the process".

  • Gündem Emine Intepe – Para fencer and swimmer


    “Prioritize self-discovery to understand your aims and goals.”

    Gündem is the first female Para athlete who swam across the Bosphorus. Next to swimming, she also competes in the Turkish national team of wheelchair fencers. She believes true loss occurs when one fails to learn from mistakes rather than simply experiencing defeat.
    Click to learn more about Gündem's role at Allianz and discover her top career advice.

  • At Allianz


    At Allianz Türkiye, Gündem is an HR Data Analytics and Processes Specialist. She analyzes HR data and optimizes processes to support the company's human resource functions. "Allianz offers me many opportunities to improve my skills and capabilities with courses and training programs, so I can develop towards a better version of myself tomorrow."

  • Her take on sports & work


    Gündem successfully balances by maintaining a training regimen outside of working hours. She aspires to become a world champion as her ultimate objective. Gündem emphasizes the importance of self-care, sharing that she incorporates meditation and music into her daily practice. “I appreciate that Allianz promotes mental well-being, for example by regularly organizing workshops”, she adds. When encouraging others to embrace new challenges, Gündem advises: "Push your limits and unlock your potential." 

  • Gündem's career advice


    “Prioritize self-discovery to understand your aims and goals. Gaining an understanding of what really matters to you can ease the process of choosing a fulfilling career path and a happier life.  The key is not just working hard, but working efficiently and engaging in comprehensive self- analysis.”

Athletes welcome!

We support Para athletes and athletes in finding new career opportunities. Join our athlete talent pool.

Mental Well-being Coaching by Allianz athletes

Allianz recognizes that mental health is important. In the lives of our athletes, but also the lives of our employees. We asked three of our colleagues who are familiar with both worlds for their tips to prepare for mentally demanding situations.

Learn from their experiences:


“Coping with new situations” with Georg Kreiter, Paralympian

Georg Kreiter is a former Paralympic mono skier who now works as a graphic designer for Allianz Germany. He discusses the difficulties he faced following his fatal accident and how he was able to refocus twice: becoming a successful Para athlete and transitioning to a career at Allianz.
“A sense of mental wellbeing is simply more important than material things.”  - Georg Kreiter 

“Gaining confidence” with Lobke Berkhout, Olympian

Lobke Berkhout, a retired Dutch Olympic sailor, and Allianz Benelux brand ambassador shares her success story with us. Despite the great disappointment of not winning an Olympic gold medal, which was always her goal, Lobke never lost confidence.

“Preparation is key to good performance.” - Lobke Berkhout

“Preparing for mental challenges” with Anja Habermacher, competitive athlete

Anja Habermacher, a competitive dancer and Business Analyst at Allianz Trade, discusses how to mentally prepare for challenges. She discusses her stress-reduction techniques, which enable her to balance her athlete and business careers.

“I take confidence from knowing the deep reasons why I do things because it makes decisions easier.” - Anja Habermacher

Mutual learning with athletes

The Allianz Buddy Program gives our employees the opportunity to be mentored by an athlete and discuss topics like resilience, stress management and mental well-being in small groups. We bring our promise of caring for the career of our employees and athletes to life.


Hear about our employees' take-aways as mentees of the buddy program

  • "Facing challenges and navigating one's way through builds resilience. Knowing that one can overcome obstacles lays a solid foundation for success in later life." 

    Diana Seibold, Functional People Engagement Lead, Allianz SE

  • "It is interesting to learn about our buddy’s way of defining goals, setting targets and dealing with setbacks - it is helpful for my work at Allianz and my passion for cycling."

    Marc van den Hoonaard, Global Business Development Manager, Allianz Partners

  • "Success involves facing challenges and setbacks, but it´s essential to stay focused on the goal and enjoy the process.”

    Tanja Boog, Senior Employer Branding Manager, Allianz Suisse

Mentoring also happens the other way round

Our colleagues become mentors for athletes. Explore the tips that mentors from Allianz share with athletes.

  • "Make use of your current network to receive career orientation and advice. Your contacts can help you navigate your career journey."

    Nick Green, Olympic & Paralympic Partnership

  • "It is interesting to learn about our buddy’s way of defining goals, setting targets and dealing with setbacks - it is helpful for my work at Allianz and my passion for cycling."

    Marc van den Hoonaard, Global Business Development Manager, Allianz Partners

  • "When applying for a job, leverage your strenghts. Showcase alignment with your passions and the capabilities you bring as an athlete."

    Marleen Wernstedt, Olympic & Paralympic Partnership 

Insights from the Olympic & Paralympic Partnership Team

Working for the Olympic & Paralympic Partnership program represents an unexpected job opportunity for our worldwide marketing, communication, HR, sales, and distribution colleagues. Together, they work on our ambitions relating to "People," "Business," and "Brand."


Hover over their pictures to learn more.

  • People

    "We prepare ourselves for Paris 2024 by working together with athletes to organize engaging activities for employees and decorating our offices. I am thrilled to see the emerging excitement internally and how this unites us."

    Caroline Hirtzberger, Allianz Trade

  • Business

    "I assess risks and identify insurance needs in the context of the Olympic & Paralympic partnership and sports ecosystem. From athletes to spectators to the organizing parties - our goal is to provide attractive insurance offers. Being a part of this initiative fills me with pride and motivation." 

    Michael Furtschegger, Allianz Commercial

  • Brand

    “As part of the Olympic and Paralympic Partnership, I have set up programs for children where we collaborate with local sports clubs to introduce track athletics to them.“ 

    Frank Burghout, Allianz Benelux

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