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Let’s care for tomorrow. For making the future less unpredictable. For building your own future with for a financially strong and successful company. At Allianz, you can help us create innovative products and focus on future trends. Explore our opportunities in actuarial services.

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Explore actuarial services in Product Development, Reporting & Analysis, and Models & Systems.

Your role

Actuaries build the backbone of our business. They calculate costs and determine technical pricing, and help design our products. As strategic thinkers with a deep understanding of financial systems, our actuaries play a key role for the stability and future development of Allianz, and have a direct impact on business decisions.

They work as business partners and consultants with our product managers and underwriters by providing technical expertise to ensure our products are best serving our customers while enabling Allianz to be more profitable and more competitive.

Your tasks

The responsibilities of our actuaries are manifold:
Meet a wide range of challenges in our insurance sectors for fixed & variable annuities and life insurance and property & casualty: pricing, reserving, risk management, loss analysis, risk modeling, controlling and product development

  • Develop and apply models and tools to gain insights into the implications and containment of financial risks.
  • Directly influence the business strategy by calculating the risk capital and the possible fluctuations of the reserves.
  • Innovate the actuarial business by exploring and applying data sciences, machine learning and AI 
  • Be directly involved in turning ideas into new products: Your tasks range from development, risk assessment and technical coordination of the product development process to pricing.
  • Proactively monitor new trends and products from competitors. Analyzing and steering the external ratings of products and corporations are also part of your responsibilities.

Tools and methods

As a global player Allianz follows the highest global actuarial standards. Our actuaries have access to the latest data, our financial management systems as well as our group wide analysis and valuation methodologies. Depending on the position, you will work with leading data modelling software like Willis Towers Watson. Data sciences, machine learning and AI are playing an increasing and transformational role in the daily business of our actuaries.

Work environment

The continuous knowledge exchange with experts from different departments like Risk, Planning & Controlling and Accounting, as well as with actuaries in other Allianz entities around the world fosters an environment of personal growth and progress. Responsibilities are manifold and the latest data, solution approaches, economic forecasts and legal frameworks are at your fingertips.

Your job opportunities

We offer a variety of career opportunities in actuarial services for all entry levels:

  • Interns: Studies in the field of Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Economics, Finance and Statistics are the ideal prerequisites for exploring an Actuarial internship. We offer a few different options to start your actuarial career in the areas of product development, financial reporting, and CRM. Combine your ongoing studies with practical experience by exploring an Actuarial internship with Allianz.
  • Graduates: With an academic background in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Economics, Finance, or Statistics and with some actuarial exams passed, you can begin exploring a career as an actuary with Allianz. Find more information and open positions in our global job search.
  • Professionals: We are looking for experienced actuaries who have stayed current with the latest developments in the market. Use your expert understanding and knowledge of market consistent principles and stochastic modeling skills to contribute to our business. Explore the wide range of job opportunities and find your new challenge at Allianz. 

Explore open actuarial job opportunities for interns, graduates and professionals in our Global Job Market and find your next challenge at Allianz.

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