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Meet Theo

Passionate Tennis player and Data Scientist at Allianz Indonesia.

He says: “Start small, thing big, scale fast.”

  • What’s your mission at Allianz?

    It's basically all about analyzing large amounts of raw information to find patterns that will help to achieve business objectives. I work with data mining tools and data analysis methods, build and implement models, use algorithms and run simulations. This helps my team to identify and prioritize actionable, high-impact insight across a variety of business areas. One essential part of my work is to dig in and become an absolute expert on corporate datasets.

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    What’s your career progression?

    I started as a Business Intelligence specialist at a Japanese backed start-up and leveraged my data visualization skills to later manage clients in the rapidly growing industry of E-Sports. My curiosity to solve complex data problems led me to complete a Data Scientist certification that gave me the proficiency to empower Allianz Indonesia to become a data-driven company powered by machine learning.

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    What's surprising about your job?

    Sometimes people think I am creating an Artificial Intelligence robot that will replace human beings like in the Terminator movie.

    What I’m really doing is cleaning and scraping the data and explain to our users how a machine learning model can help solving business problems.

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    What’s your main career advice? What inspires you?

    Start small, think BIG, scale fast.

    I love working with trustworthy, creative and empathic people.