Career Development and Benefits

We care for your opportunities to progress. From individual development to career mobility, to lifelong learning offers for all our employees worldwide. We care for life’s twists and turns. From our support for flexible working, health and well-being, to helping parents return from career breaks with experience that nothing else can teach. At Allianz, you can experience attractive, fair and sustainable benefits, in all of our entities around the globe.

Our benefits: We care for you.

Become an employee at Allianz and enjoy our benefit program. Explore what’s in for you.

Health & Well-being

We motivate our people to live a healthy lifestyle, which we think is a basic requirement to perform, not only at work. We provide support for health and care for an environment that encourages well-being to help you staying fit and strong. 

We offer:  

  • Health insurance plans 
  • Preventive programs, e.g. screening tests, immunization 
  • Sport and Health offers e.g. mental health classes, information about nutrition and ergonomics 
  • Access to consulting

Rewards & Performance

At Allianz, we foster a working environment where both people and performance matter. The remuneration structures provide incentives for sustainable value creation and are based on key principles, such as fairness and transparency. 

We offer: 

  • Employee stock purchase plan 
  • Ensure equal pay 
  • Provide pension and saving scheme 
  • Access to financial education, e.g. financial planning sessions

Quality Time

We provide time flexibility and build on work time models that give you flexibility in planning and combining your work and leisure time.

We offer: 

  • Flexible working arrangements 
  • Full time and part time policy 
  • Home office policy 
  • Maternity & paternity leave 
  • Time off for social volunteering

Career Development

We foster development - in many ways and directions. A successful career at Allianz can involve having a variety of positions in different functions, countries and divisions. Your opportunities are limitless. You choose your path and make deliberate choices to drive your career. 

Broaden your experience through:  

  • A positive learning and growing environment, encouraging every employee to regularly discuss development goals, steps and actions with the manager
  • Career development programs for non-executive and executive populations. Besides soft skill and functional training offers, we help you identify own strengths and support finding a matching career opportunities. Our leadership programs have a strategic focus Transformation, Technology, Operations, Processes or Finance, others empower executives for transitioning in new roles
  • Interesting projects and challenging tasks 
  • Access to (digital) learning programs, at least 1 hour per week
  • International environment and career mobility

Let’s tailor your development actions to your needs

Shape your career with us

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    Mobility is key

    We want to bring in fresh perspectives, establish more diverse and innovative teams, contribute to a more agile organization and ultimately drive collaboration. Although mobility is often referred as cross-country experiences, at Allianz we see mobility in a much broader way and we consider cross-function and cross-organizational experiences also as critical mobility experiences that will help you to obtain the skills and knowledge needed for your career.

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    Development Program

    You think you can only grow and develop by taking on your manager’s role… well, that is not the only option at Allianz. We actively promote an environment where you can develop yourself according to your talents and aspirations. Whether this is becoming an expert, a member of the managerial staff or a multidisciplinary project manager. The concept of career opportunities at Allianz is a fluid one. Anyone on a given career track can switch over to another one. A broad range of training and development offerings will help you as your career progresses.

Allianz New Work Model

The coronavirus pandemic challenged us to transform our way of working. With the ambition to emerge even stronger, Allianz developed the New Work Model as a framework for our future work, covering: 

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    • flexible working capabilities for employees through hybrid-virtual work, plus reduction goals on business travel and a strong focus on health and mental well-being
    • a faster and simpler digital service offering to customers, including flexible and fully remote customer sales force interactions
    • an organization that is faster, flatter and more agile, and goes along with a culture of people empowerment and lifelong learning
    • better resilience to protect us from potential crises in the future


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    Meet Catarina from Team Allianz


    “Stay relevant, invest in learning new skills and be ready for the future.”


    Catarina Stangl, left behind her position as an underwriter in the US to become an Executive Assistant at the Allianz SE Headquarters in Munich.

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    Meet our Allianz Experts


    Careers at Allianz are as manifold as our people. Want to learn more about the people working at Allianz and the careers they are pursuing? Let us introduce you to our experts from various business areas. Read their personal stories.



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    Talk to Allianz employees


    Before applying, you might have lots of questions. It has never been easier to get them answered prior to any application process. Just ask our colleagues from various business divisions.



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    Find out who we are


    Allianz Group is one of the most trusted insurance and asset management companies in the world. Caring for our employees, their ambitions, dreams and challenges, is what makes us a unique employer. Together we can build an environment where everyone feels empowered and has the confidence to explore, to grow and to shape a better future for our customers and the world around us.