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Customer Exp Consultant (m/f/d) /Innovation Manag Consultant (m/f/d)/UX Strategist #StandwithUkraine

Job Level:  Professional

Unterföhring (bei München), DE, 85774

Due Date:  02/28/2022
Area of Expertise:  Inhouse Consulting
Unit:  Allianz Services
Job Type:  Full-Time
Remote Job:  Home office due to Covid-19
Employment Type:  Permanent
ID:  2119

Job Purpose/Role

Allianz Consulting was established in 2004 as the internal consulting division of the Allianz Group. Our vision is to be the consulting partner of choice for Allianz Group core segments. Our experienced consulting teams support all Allianz operating entities worldwide in planning and implementing their local key strategic projects.
Joining Allianz Consulting means working in a fully international environment alongside other talented people who enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences, having increased personal responsibilities and working under a flat management hierarchy. Allianz Consulting has a reputation for focusing on growing its talent and on-the-job training from the very first day to ensure strong career development and preparation for future opportunities within the Allianz Group.
Hi there, dear future Allianz Consultant (m/f/d)!

We at Allianz Consulting are currently looking for a Customer Experience Consultant (m/f/d) / Innovation Management Consultant (m/f/d) / UX Strategist (m/f/d) as crucial part of a business innovation unit within our in-house consultancy at Allianz Group.


As the world turns we are also making significant efforts to shift towards a more lean, agile, flexible, data-driven and user-centric perspective of consulting. We are expanding our services and offerings to drive and deliver impact in the fields of business innovation, service-design and product design for Allianz companies worldwide.

This is why we decided to build a team of future “hybrid consultants”, who will mainly be engaged in projects that connect the user-, technology- and business perspective. We will help our clients at Allianz Group to proactively delight their customers and concurrently achieve strategic goals, thereby always being aware of how the world responds to the things they create. In short: We will support Allianz Group Teams worldwide with strategic and practical solutions to build better products and services.


If you are interested in building a team of business innovation consultants, then we would definitely like to meet you! This is an exciting opportunity to jump into a very unique position at Allianz Consulting, building something from scratch and joining one of the biggest financial players in the world, having 130 years of history and 80 million customers around the world.

So, how do you know, if this job might be a “fit” for you? Here is what we do find important:



If you are a “perfect fit”, people would say about you:

  • Is empathic with peers, customers - humans in general
  • Knows when to guide and when to listen
  • Wow, in stress still super friendly
  • Is a passionate but self-organized personality
  • Yes, absolutely solution-oriented growth mindset
  • Authentic? Check.
  • Trustworthy? Of course!


Key Responsibilities

… you would tell us about yourself:

  • I have been actively involved in product design at a customer centric company
  • People in my previous jobs have entrusted me with team and budget responsibilities
  • Services I’ve been actively involved in have catered a user base of 1000+ people
  • I either have a degree in business innovation, social economics, psychology, social fields or design related fields
  • I have 3-6 years of experience as a product manager, product owner, innovation consultant, user research specialist or UX strategist
  • I have a visible track-record of previous services, studies or products which I can bring along to a live interview
  • I gave valuable input to key business decisions with an entrepreneurial and user-centered mindset


We hope to read your engaging, entertaining and affirming application soon.


Yours truly,
The Team of Allianz Consulting

Key Requirements/Skills/Experience

The disclaimer: This is, what our sorting algorithms jump upon:

You have 3-6 years of experience within the following:

  • Service Design Concepts
  • User Journey or Service Design Mapping
  • Workshop Facilitation Process Digitization
  • UX Workshop Facilitator
  • UX Conception

- Paper Prototyping
- Rapid Prototyping
- Digital Prototyping
- User Flows
- Information architecture
- Wireframing



  • UX Research

- Interview Methodology
- Research methodology
- Research strategy
- Tactics and metrics


You have thorough experience in:

  • Business Innovation Programs

- Consulting
- Facilitation
- Team-Member

  • Agile mindset / agile methodology
  • Product Innovation Methodologies

- Design Thinking
- Double Diamond (or similar)


You are proficient in:

  • Design Software

- Adobe XD
- Sketch
- InVision
- UserZoom (or similar)

  • Research Software

- Qualtrics
- Adobe Analytics
- Survey Monkey (or similar)

  • Project Tools

- Atlassian Suite
- Trello
- Slack (or similar)

  • Languages

- English is a must
- German is a plus