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Regional Head of Legal & Compliance, Asia Pacific

Job Level:  Management

Singapore, SG, 068897

Due Date:  30/09/2022
Area of Expertise:  Legal & Compliance
Unit:  Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
Employing Entity:  Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty SE
Job Type:  Full-Time
Remote Job:  Hybrid working
Employment Type:  Permanent
ID:  10601

Regional Head of Legal & Compliance, Asia Pacific


Job Summary


Oversee, coordinate, manage and advise on all aspects of legal, regulatory, and compliance affairs of AGCS SE Branch offices (Singapore, Hong Kong, India, South Korea) and its subsidiaries (Japan) within APAC ("APAC Region") to ensure the protection of AGCS's legal rights and enable its strategic business development in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. Provide strategic direction and set priorities with regard to legal and compliance matters for the AGCS Global infrastructure and business within the APAC Region. In close collaboration with the Compliance Function, establish and operate effective, risk-based compliance programs for relevant Compliance topics to facilitate compliance with rules and regulations, prevent and detect illegal, unethical, or improper conduct. Advocate AGCS positions to regulators.


Establish and maintain organizational structure, scope and processes of the Legal and Compliance functions as 2nd line of defense under the AGCS Legal Policy in line with regulatory requirements and lead and manage the Legal & Compliance APAC Team, in close collaboration with the Head of Insurance and Regional Head of Legal & Compliance CRMO 1 - ex CEE, fostering collaboration and adhesion among members of the team. The Regional Head of Legal & Compliance Asia Pacific is Compliance Officer for AGCS Singapore and AGCS Hong Kong and Regional Legal Coordinator and Regional Compliance Officer for Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.


Key Responsibilities


Management and Coordination of L&C Team in APAC Region

  • Manage AGCS Singapore/Hong Kong Legal & Compliance department and co-ordinate, manage and/or oversee legal, regulatory and compliance affairs and issues of AGCS Offices in South Korea, India and Japan in the APAC Region ("AGCS APAC Offices"). Co-ordinate legal/compliance policies and procedures with AGCS Global Office. Liaison for and coordination of Legal & Compliance issues in the region (as required). Align significant initiatives and matters within the reporting framework of Global AGCS Legal and Global AGCS Compliance (collectively, "AGCS L&C").Legal & Compliance
  • Act as regional coordinator for legal and compliance topics for Asia Pacific


Advice to regional & local Management in APAC Region and handling of key legal & compliance issues in the region

  • Advise local / regional Management in APAC Region on strategic initiatives and projects as well as handle and oversee key legal, regulatory and compliance issues raised by the business and support their business initiatives. Responsible for all L&C workstreams concerning ITMP/BMP as well as any other digital transformation projects for AGCS in APAC Region.


Organization of L&C infrastructure in APAC Region

  • Organize legal & compliance processes and infrastructure at AGCS APAC Offices and coordinate and oversee the same for AGCS Japan Office; perform Compliance activities and investigations in line with the general guidelines and requirements set by the AGCS Global L&C; coordinate the use of external law firms and reduce the amount of fees spent on those mandates while increasing or maintaining the level of quality; build up in-house knowledge on insurance and general contract law and contribute to effective knowledge sharing across the Global/Regional L&C Team and the business.


Expert advice & leadership for AGCS Global L&C

  • Act as thought leader and expert for AGCS Global L&C within area of distinct expertise; assume leadership and actively contribute to expert teams within AGCS L&C.


Review of Insurance and Key Commercial Contracts

  • Review and draft standard policy and reinsurance wordings across all lines of business, amend and negotiate commercial contracts with a focus on Singaporean and/or Hong Kong law for AGCS APAC Offices (e.g., insurance contract templates and other key commercial contracts such as facilities, regional broker agreements, IT agreements etc.) in line with business needs and L&C priorities.
  • Responsible for all corporate governance filings and satisfaction of requirements in AGCS APAC Offices.


Required Experience


  • Comprehensive practical experience with Singaporean and/or Hong Kong (re)insurance law across multiple LoBs and areas (UW, claims, reinsurance, broker relations) and contract law.
  • Practical experience with Singaporean / Hong Kong insurance supervisory law and with English/US (re)insurance law, and international experience.
  • Knowledge of Singaporean / Hong Kong legal, regulatory and compliance requirements in the insurance sector.
  • Management experience in leading a multi-jurisdictional team.
  • Proven record of working independently and providing strategic support and advice to Management.


Required Education / Certifications


  • Singaporean or Hong Kong law degree.


Technical Skills


  • Ability to build and maintain relationships across various lines of business and with external cooperation partners.
  • Solid attitude towards AGCS management and clients/brokers.
  • Knowledge of regulatory and legal framework.
  • Knowledge of the insurance environment in the Region.


General Skills


  • Strong business acumen and client service mentality.
  • Ability to take initiative and resolve problems.
  • High degree of autonomy.
  • Excellent communication and teaching skills.




  • English
  • Chinese
  • Japanese (desired)