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Senior Credit Analyst

Job Level:  Professional


Available until:  19/01/2023
Area of Expertise:  Risk Management
Unit:  Allianz Trade
Employing Entity:  Euler Hermes S.A. [N.V.] Sede secondaria
Job Type:  Full-Time
Remote Job:  Hybrid working
Employment Type:  Permanent
ID:  21552

The role

Proactive management of a portfolio of buyers by gathering the appropriate level of information and assessing buyers according to defined targets. In addition, the Senior Credit Analyst has to ensure an efficient control of a sensitive risk portfolio through buyer visits, call contacts and bank visits. Within his/her tasks there are also supporting activities to our tied agents and to our MMCD/RUW colleagues (both TCI and Surety).  The credit analyst takes also part in all the studies/analysises concerning trade sectors.  This role involves both relationship and analytical skills.  


Main tasks

* Buyers' assessment 
 * Numerous contacts with buyers:
* Buyer visits
* Phone calls to buyers
* Provides certain number of analysis without buyer contact
 * Extensive reports for Region & Group (the so called Region & GRIC report)
* Analyses of trade sectors
* Support to MMCD/RUW colleagues in any line of business (i.e. TCI, Surety, Mid Term)



- Market knowledge 
- Knows perfectly local economic environment 
- Is an expert on particular region and/or trade sectors  
- Business expertise
- Success record of working for information or risk underwriting departments
- Very good knowledge of Finance and Credit Management
- Expertise and experience in buyers assessment
- Interpersonal skills 
- Ability to work in a team
- Ability to take grading decisions
- Self motivation
- Capacity to communicate with third parties in order to get information
- Relationship with Risk Underwriting team 
- Educational requirements:
- Good English will be a plus