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Product Manager

Karrierestufe:  Berufserfahren

München, DE, 80335

Verfügbar bis:  09/15/2022
Fachgebiet:  IT & Entwicklung
Einheit:  Allianz Technology
Einstellende Einheit:  Allianz Technology SE
Vollzeit/Teilzeit:  Vollzeit
Homeoffice:  Hybrides Arbeiten
Beschäftigungsverhältnis:  Dauerhaft
ID:  14405

The Product Owner (PO) is responsible for maximizing the customer’s value of the product resulting from the work of the team. He / she is the sole person responsible for creating and prioritizing the Product Backlog. He / she must define vision of the product in close alignment with various stakeholder across multiple hierarchical levels (in H4 and Allianz Technology as well with global ISO community). He/ she needs to understand customers, market, competition, and needs to be able to identify trends and opportunities in each of these areas. PO needs to oversee bigger change projects defined by Governance (PO Project Delivery) as well to steer operations (PO Service Delivery).


Main tasks/ responsibilities:

  • Responsible for maximizing the value of the product “Global User Awareness” by managing operational team of Az Technology and suppliers, but also other internal stakeholder (e.g., ACDC, Workplace with Global Mail / EXO on O365).
  • Create and align Product roadmap with stakeholders (e.g., ISO Community and H4 and other Services)
  • Prioritizes and manages the Product Backlog, including clearly expressing Product Backlog items, ordering the items to best achieve goals and missions, representing the desires of the stakeholders in the Product Backlog and ensuring that the Product Backlog is visible
  • Regularly provides updates and creates transparency towards the customer (H4, ISO community) on what the Scrum Team will work on next
  • Ensures that the Team (and external supplier) understands the backlog items to the needed level
  • Ensures that product increments are delivered in high quality and iteratively considering customer and stakeholder feedback thus ensuring continuous product improvement
  • Clearly points out and provides solutions for product-related impediments
  • Collaborates with other Product Owners (esp. in Security Services, ACDC and Global Mail/ EXO based on O365)
  • Operates within an agile project structure primarily using agile principles and practices, while also applying specific practices from waterfall project management if necessary
  • Partner management (incl. SaaS Provider)


Key competences:

  • Having an Agile mindset and assertiveness to steer different stakeholders on different hierarchical levels to manage change
  • Preferable experience with "Cofense-platform"
  • Critical Thinking generated by observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, and communication
  • Applying analytical thinking, methodological and conceptual skills
  • Very good communication skills in English and German and to all hierarchical levels (engineers, subject matter experts, ISOs, CIOs, H4 Goverance)
  • Living the four Allianz People Attributes: Customer & Market Excellence, Collaborative Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Trust


Qualifications & Experience:

  • Having strong business knowledge in training people and technical IT understanding (in best case already experience with Cofense platform)
  • Profound knowledge of the customer, market and competitors and if possible, reliable network in the Allianz Security area (H4, ISO community, ACDC, Sec Services but also Global Mail/ EXO based on O365)
  • Higher education degree in business administration, change management, economics, IT or comparable education (and respective track record)
  • Relevant work experience in leadership, management, and managing change (“leading people w/o authority”)




Has both profound knowledge and work experience of processes, procedures, and concepts within own discipline, as well as basic knowledge of related topics in the overall context.



Works independently and receives minimal guidance. Acts as role model and renowned professional in applying competence and drives new and innovative ideas and approaches. May either be accountable for the performance and results of a team, a project or for expert activities and objectives.



Solves complex situations or problems where precedent may not exist, based on multiple sources of information, and takes a new perspective on existing solutions.



Has in-depth business expertise and a basic understanding of market influences. Uses developed communication skills to inform and has the ability to negotiate with a diverse audience, often at senior level but also with partners/ suppliers.