We develop, steer and implement the investment strategy for the Allianz Group globally.
We invest responsibly and drive sustainability.
At Allianz Investment Management SE (AIM) we build the bridge between insurance clients and financial markets. We invest the insurance premiums earned by Allianz companies worldwide, covering Property & Casualty as well as Life & Health Portfolios.
We strive to uphold trust and impeccable reputation with our partners globally.
Our goal is to maximize the Group's global resources via superior investment solutions. Together we manage a global portfolio and all asset manager relations. AIM was founded in 2007; by now, more than 500 professionals work with us in regional hubs from Minnea-polis to Munich, from Milan to Paris, and from Singapore to Stuttgart. Our business language is English.
We are a liability-driven, long-term investor and actively steering proprietary assets of more than 750bn EUR. As a leading global investor, we are convinced that a strong approach towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) management is key to mitigating risks and seizing opportunities.
Some facts about AGCS

Let’s have a closer look at AIM’s value chain. Our business begins with the Asset Liability Management (ALM): Our specialists in ALM build liabilities-replicating portfolios and work on strategic asset allocations in order to develop suitable investment products.

The next steps on the value chain comprise Investment Strategy (IS) and Asset Manager Management (AMM). Our experts in IS follow a holistic approach to successfully manage our diverse portfolios which cover a broad variety of asset classes, such as Debt Instruments, Equities, Alternatives, Real Estate and Cash/Others.

To implement the investment strategies and asset allocations, AMM selects and closely works together with Allianz internal asset managers as well as third-party managers.

To monitor the progress and measure the performance, AIM’s value chain also encompasses Financial Control. Finally, our professionals in Investment Operations and Planning enable the carry-out of our daily work and form the backbone of AIM’s success.

We build on work time models that give you flexibility in planning and arranging your work and leisure time.
Join a truly global company and explore our international community.
Take on diverse and challenging tasks.
Develop your talent and career on the basis of digital and onsite trainings.
We value your work and offer attractive compensation as well as numerous employee benefits.
Our dynamic and highly skilled workforce is key in driving our strategy.

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"Working at AIM grants access to an incredibly broad and continuously evolving set of investment opportunities and entails cooperating with highly talented and committed colleagues – all aspects that I would not want to miss."

Franziska, Allianz Investment Management SE

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