Together with our customers, we provide leading IT infrastructure and application solutions to drive the global digitalization of Allianz Group.

Together with our customers, we lead IT for Allianz and shape the IT agenda of the Group, now and in the future.
Allianz Technology is the global IT service provider for Allianz and delivers IT solutions that drive the digitalization of the Group. With more than 10,000 employees located in 36 countries around the globe, Allianz Technology works together with other Allianz entities in leading IT for the worldwide digitalization of Allianz.
We oversee the full digitalization spectrum – from one of the industry’s largest IT infrastructure projects that includes data centers, networking and security, to application platforms that span from workplace services to digital interaction. In short, we deliver full-scale, end-to-end IT solutions for Allianz in the digital age.
Our Global Footprint
As a worldwide industry leader, Allianz continuously pursues the newest digital technologies to bring its products to the fingertips of customers. Allianz is at the forefront of today’s latest industry trends, including AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robotics, Telematics and blockchain. At Allianz Technology, we work closely with other Allianz companies. Together, we strive to continuously deliver the best digital experience for Allianz customers. For this reason, we look for top talent in the market that not only can meet the demands of digitalization but that can, in fact, set the bar. Our employees bring with them a wide range of expertise and backgrounds – and while diversity is one of our main strengths, one common factor among all of our employees is their shared enthusiasm for innovation and exploring what is possible. Behind our IT solutions are our people. It is they who are shaping the digital future of Allianz.
Our fun, highly skilled & diverse workforce is key in driving our strategy
We are Connectors and offer plenty of online & offline forums for networking
Enjoy our global projects & mindset. Good to know: Spoken language is English
We care for you and offer plenty of support for your work life balance
We care for you and offer plenty of support for your work life balance
Develop your talent with us in 3 different and permeable career paths globally
Bring everything you are and become everything you want. Explore the variety of jobs within Allianz Technology!