Want to work for a financially strong company, steer portfolios across all asset classes and explore new markets? Learn more about investment management at Allianz.

Allianz Investment Management SE (AIM) bundles the investment function and offers multiple job opportunities. Learn more about our key functions and also get to know our entry-level finance jobs.

AIM invests the premiums from insurance contracts according to the insurance liabilities they generate. The ALM teams translate the requirements of liabilities into capital market dimensions. This is done via state-of-the-art quantitative models complemented by thorough qualitative analysis.

The output of the models is translated into Strategic Asset Allocations for every insurance portfolio which are the main drivers of our long-term investment results. Our ALM experts are a key element of product development when it comes to ensuring a holistic integration of capital market characteristics and developments in insurance products.

The IS teams – asset class experts and portfolio managers – develop and implement the investment strategy across all asset classes. IS develops secular capital market views that serve as input for the ALM models and enriches the liability-driven Strategic Asset Allocation by long-term investment strategies. The IS teams analyze capital market developments to derive investment recommendations for portfolio management.

The resulting local asset allocations comprise more than 50 investment strategies. Furthermore, the IS teams are actively searching for investment opportunities in new asset classes, also referred to as “sourcing”. IS positions the portfolios to benefit from medium to long-term capital market opportunities while managing market risks.



At Allianz, we differentiate between Investment Management and Asset Management. The AMM team takes up the asset allocations and translates those into mandates for Asset Managers. AMM oversees selecting, reviewing and managing performance of our external and internal Asset Managers on a global basis.

To allow for a global portfolio steering, the FC teams independently control the investment risk as well as the investment return. The FC teams develop investment plans based on the Strategic Asset Allocation, monitor their implementation and thus deliver crucial information for decision-making and organizational learning.

Operations are the execution “backbone”, orchestrating all relevant steps from the settlement of transactions and the management of liquidity, to ensuring timely, accurate and reliable delivery of an investment into our portfolios. The OPS teams also drive the implementation of processes and related IT systems (e.g., new investments and instruments).

Bring everything you are and become everything you want. Explore the variety  of jobs within Allianz Group!  
At AIM, you will work in a complex and challenging environment linking capital markets, investment management and insurance business. This unique situation offers a great variety of career opportunities.
AIM operates in five Hubs and in the local insurance companies. The teams in the Hubs are dedicated to the actual portfolios of the Allianz insurance companies in the respective regions. They are monitoring and preparing portfolio analysis for local management and Allianz Group.
The teams in the Global Functions provide and aggregate expertise across the Hubs. They prepare investment analysis on a global scale, develop recommendations for the portfolios or monitor strategic developments in the markets. Based on their specific knowledge, they propose investment solutions, tailor-made to the needs of the Hubs.
At AIM, we are convinced that a strong approach towards environmental, social and governance (ESG) management is key to mitigating risks and seizing opportunities. Our ESG strategy combines long-term economic value creation with a concept for environmental voluntary commitment, social responsibility, and strong corporate governance. We use an ESG scoring for listed assets and evaluate non-listed assets case by case, based on ESG criteria. Investments in controversial weapons or coal-based business models are excluded. Instead, our portfolios encompass investments in renewable energy, green bonds, certified green buildings and debt financing of certified green buildings amongst others.
We offer a variety of career opportunities in investment management. Explore what suits you best.
Studies in the area of Mathematics, Business administration/Economics, Finance and Statistics or similar are the ideal prerequisites for joining Allianz in the investment section at student level. Depending on the entity and country you have different options to start your career in investments. Combine your studies with practical experience and join us as working student or intern.

Are you motivated to explore the global set-up of Allianz and to work closely with experts from various fields? With an academic background in Mathematics, Business administration/Economics, Finance, Statistics or similar you can directly join one of our investment teams or apply for our Graduate Program. Find more information and open positions in our global job search.

We are looking for professionals who have stayed up-to-date with the latest developments in the business sector. Use your expert understanding in investments, your knowledge of the capital markets or your digital competences to contribute to our business. Explore the wide range of job opportunities and find your new challenge at Allianz.