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There is a wide variety of job functions within the core insurance business.  Our experts in Actuarial, Investments, Marketing, Underwriting, Claims, Operations, and Sales contribute to the company’s overall business objectives.




The core activities of our Finance department are key to our success. Our Accounting specialists support complex objectives such as preparing the Group’s financial statements. Group Management Reporting plays a key role in providing transparent and relevant information to the management, regulators and capital markets. Controlling supplies expert information, analyses and recommendations to the Board of Management. The colleagues in Business Development and Economic Research drive new business opportunities and provide growth and profitability analyses, market forecasts and trend assessments. Our Risk Management team is responsible for the precise analysis of risk profiles of Group subsidiaries.


  • Interdisciplinary functions deal with overarching topics. Allianz has opportunities in the areas of Audit, Human Resources, Legal and Compliance.  These experts contribute to the company’s overall business objectives.  


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At Allianz we have a truly diverse workforce made up of people of every conceivable background in a huge variety of different locations in more than 70 countries.
At Allianz we are committed to offer our employees a wide range of career opportunities. Whether management or specialist career path, Allianz’s global set-up provides many development opportunities. Not only in terms of international projects, job rotations and lateral moves, but also in terms of personal development. 
The key to our success are more than 140k employees – each adding value, each adding different skills. At Allianz we encourage diversity of minds to provide best solutions for the diverse client needs worldwide. We bring together specialists of different disciplines to take on the challenges of our customers around the world.
Explore the advantages of a global player. Working for the world’s leading financial services provider means to enjoy the great benefits of international organizational structures. Allianz entities are spread around the globe, and yet collaborating on many projects. Our employees work internationally, within global business lines or in a local market setup. In the global infrastructure of Allianz Group, our employees benefit from a large network of experts, access to the latest data and state-of-the-art methods and tools. Allianz is committed to offer our employees a wide range of financial and personal benefits which may vary from country to country. Work-life balance, health management, diversity & inclusion and Corporate Social Responsibility are more than just buzzwords for us – they are part of our DNA.

We offer a variety of career opportunities in actuarial services.
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Want to kick start your career? We offer entry-level positions for graduates as well as different graduate schemes around the globe.
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