Want to work for a financially strong and successful company, create attractive products and focus on future trends? Explore our opportunities in actuarial services. 

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Actuaries build the backbone of our business. They calculate costs and determine technical prices and help design our products. As strategic thinkers with a deep understanding of financial systems, our actuaries play a key role for the stability and future development of Allianz, and have a direct impact on business decisions.

They work as business partners and consultants with our product managers and underwriters and provide technical expertise to ensure our products are best-serving our customers while enabling Allianz to be more profitable and more competitive.


The responsibilities of our actuaries are manifold:

  • Pricing Actuaries work alongside Underwriting with the goal of building and maintaining a profitable customer base. They analyse past data to predict future claims experience and determine technical price. This work forms the basis for how we proce our insurance products on the market, in order to achieve this goal.
  • Reserving Actuaries analyse past claims development data in order to determine the reserves that need to be held to meet future claims payments and to predict future claims trends.
  • Capital Modelling Actuaries work within the tails of the claims distribution. Their analysis determines the probability of extreme events occuring, and how much capital should be held to allow for such events.
  • Risk Management Actuaries are responsible to managing and mitigations risk across the whole company - from the direct risks of writing insurance, to market and credit risk, as well as operational risks.


Our actuaries have access to the latest data, our financial management systems as well as our group wide analysis and valuation methodologies.
They work with a broad range of software including Excel, SAS and R, as well as leading data modelling software like Willis Towers Watson.


Actuaries are in a privileged position of working with a broad range of stakeholders across the company including Underwriting, Finance, Claims, Operations and the various other Actuarial functions. This gives them the opportunity to drive change within the company and shape how the business is run.
Actuaries working for Allianz Ireland also have the opportunity to collaborate and exchange knowledge with other Allianz Entities, ensuring we are always at the forefront of technical expertise.


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Actuarial positions at Allianz are located in all entities. Explore Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty and Allianz Life. 
In Allianz Ireland we strive to put customers at the centre of everything we do, and customer satisfaction forms the basis of our company strategy. Our aim is to make it easier for our customers to choose Allianz, by streamlining and improving the customer journey. In every decision we make, across all areas of the company, we are encouraged to consider the impact on the customer
Technical Excellence means using the best data, latest technology and highest level of technical expertise to deliver solutions and insights that allow us to make informed business decisions. In Allianz Ireland we are always striving to progress - to improve data quality and availability, learn new skills, and adopt the latest statistical techniques so that we can provide the best information to our stakeholders across the company.
Variety of insurance fields at Allianz
Besides the standard Life & Health and Property & Casualty products, Allianz offers a wide range of insurances that might surprise you: pets, music festivals, blockbuster movie productions, large-scale construction projects like the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, as well as robots, satellites and space travel. And for developing all of these insurance products our actuaries are key. At Allianz we offer a huge variety of fields where actuaries contribute to the success of Allianz Group by designing outstanding products based on data and cost analyses.

We offer a variety of career opportunities in actuarial services.
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Start your career with one of Ireland's top insurance companies. Graduates with a background in Actuarial, Science, Mathematics Economics, Finance, Statistics or similar can join one of our actuarial teams in an entry level role.
Progress your career and broaden your knowledge in a position with one of Ireland's top insurance companies. We are looking for experienced actuaries who are ready to take on a new challenge.