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For Laura it is important to get to know the candidate’s personality as an individual and as a team member. For her, a great interview is when both, the interviewer and the interviewee, engage in an honest two-way discussion.
At Allianz we care deeply about attracting and developing the right talent to help our business grow. Louise advises candidates to use the role profile as a source of information about the interview process. “An interview isn’t about selling yourself it’s about preparation. We want to get to know you, your experience and your potential.
7 steps of the application process at Allianz.

Find the right job and then remember: Your application is your business card.

Apply online from your desktop or mobile device. Create your own personal profile to apply for the many different jobs available at Allianz companies around the world. Could not find the right job? We can help you with that. Sign up for job alerts! You will automatically receive a personalized job alert when a job that fits your experience and interests becomes available. Find more information in our FAQ.

At interview we want to learn about you, your experience and your potential. In preparing for interview taking the time to understand the role profile and how you can demonstrate your fit for the job is a great way to prepare.

For technical or specialist roles showing an interest in your field of expertise is often a feature of interview processes so being able to discuss the latest developments with the hiring panel is a great way to show your fit for the role.

More broadly, we also suggest you learn about Allianz as a company, our culture, our strategy and our values.


The interview itself is an opportunity for you to articulate your experience and fit for the role and to gain more knowledge about the job and the company. It is not about selling yourself, but is a two-way conversation between you and the company.

The process is structured, with questions prepared in advance and notes taken. We advise you to listen carefully to the questions and what they are looking for. Having prepared relevant past examples in response, or outlining how you would deal with some challenges that may be presented in the role are great ways to prepare. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the role and Allianz as a company.


Please answer the questions carefully and to your best knowledge. You should always take a moment to consider what the interviewer actually wants to know. Provide brief, precise answers. If you need a little time to think about your answer, feel free to take it. Be sure to substantiate your answers with specific examples from your previous professional or educational experience. We encourage you to be actively involved in this interview. Please do not hesitate to ask questions about the position and Allianz as a company.


Your skills matter as much as the match between us. Do we share the same values?
We foster a collaborative leadership style so we develop people and provide feedback, collaborate and exchange best practices, empower our teams and provide purpose and direction.
To challenge the industry we are looking for entrepreneurial minds who dare to act on opportunities and take risks, take ownership and responsibility and embrace innovation.
Living your full potential is only possible in an environment of trust in which all act with integrity, honor commitments and tell the truth, act transparently and foster diversity and inclusiveness.
Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. To live customer & market excellence we foster state-of-the-art technical and operational knowledge and strive for simplification, excellence at every touch point with the customer and aim to be the benchmark.

Play a game to find out if we are a match! You will learn which cultural behaviors drive you by steppinginto the shoes of an entrepreneur and exploring how our company values, called People Attributes can be lived.


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