With commitment to putting customers at the centre of our business, we look to identify those with integrity, leadership, positivity, and importantly ambitions to be the best they can possibly be in their career.
We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion, in mutual respect and support. We are constantly working on creating a workplace where you can feel at home.
Allianz in Ireland is part of the Allianz Group, one of the world's leading insurance and financial service companies. The Allianz Group employs over 140,000 people in over 70 countries worldwide, each with their own in-depth experience of local markets and all focused on a common goal - local expertise and global presence.
Some facts about AGCS

The Health and Wellbeing of our employees is very important for us at Allianz Ireland. We have designed a comprehensive suite of wellness programmes which run throughout the year. Our focus mainly lies in three areas, exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing. 

The financial industry is a very fast paced environment. Coping with an ever changing workload is a challenge for any individual. We have recently begun holding events and talks from contributors like David Coleman to start the conversation on how the pace of life today can be difficult to keep up with. The programmes are to identify stressors and to learn the appropriate coping mechanisms to restore balance in our lives which benefits us both  in our personal and professional lives. 

Striking a balance between work and exercising can be tough. Therefore taking care of your physical health is particularly important. At Allianz, we recognise that concentrating on your physical health is just as vital as maintaining your mental health. We empower employees to care for their health. Exercise programmes, from boot camps to yoga, were incorporated alongside workshops and seminars on topics such as smoking cessation, switching off technology, and several talks and briefings on nutrition and motivation all through the year.

We care for you and offer plenty of support for your Work Life Balance.
We run a number of Wellness programmes  throughout the year.
39% of all positions in 2017/2018 were hired internally.
Access our digital learning programmes, anytime, anywhere to create your own unique learning journey learning journey.
We provide life and health insurance, paid maternity leave and access to paternity and parental leave.
Our performance management system Management means you are actively involved in how your performance is measured.
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