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Let’s care for tomorrow.

For a better and more inclusive world through sports

Allianz got behind the Olympic & Paralympic Movements as the Worldwide Insurance Partner. Sharing the Olympic and Paralympic values, this partnership inspires us to provide confidence in tomorrow – for our customers and our employees.
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In 2021, Allianz has officially begun its eight-year worldwide partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Movements. Just like them, Allianz has a strong global presence and a good track record in sport.

We are proud to be a supporter of the Movements and celebrate being one of the TOP Partners. The power of sport unites us around a shared passion - it connects our employee community worldwide, including experts who are making the partnership happen and talented athletes, Para athletes and sport professionals who joined our company.

Paralympic runner is stretching her knee
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We care about the futures of Olympic and Paralympic athletes, offering job opportunities to talents who have shown their strong mindsets and skills as exceptional performers. Our colleagues share how their lives as professional athletes come together with careers within Allianz.
Portrait of Malia Metella – Silver medalist in Swimming
Malia Metella – Silver medalist in Swimming, swimming during a competition

Malia won the Silver medal at the Olympic Games Athens 2004 and continues to train today. Her next challenge: to swim cross Lake Titicaca in just 10 days.

At Allianz 
Outside of the pool, Malia is in charge of sporting events for Allianz France in Paris. She manages seats to rugby and soccer games owned by Allianz for the sales team.

Finding a healthy balance
As an athlete, she makes sure to include exercise and a healthy diet as part of each workday. Sports are an important way for her to clear her mind in difficult moments. She approaches challenges with patience and preparation: “We are often our worst enemies when it comes to accepting new challenges. The best way to get there is to start small, and to go step by step.”.

Malia's career advice
What career advice does she have for others? “Get out of your comfort zone! You might be surprised as to where you can use your skills.”

Djamal proudly represented the Algerian national wheelchair basketball team as team captain at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games – a memorable highlight to finish his career in sports.

At Allianz 
Today, Djamal works as a product manager for personal insurances at Allianz France, using agile working methods to define financial solutions. He appreciates Allianz for its values, social commitments, and ability to innovate and adapt to tomorrow's needs.

Sports & work
During his competitive years, Allianz gave him extra time off to prepare for major events like the Paralympics. Even as a retired Para athlete, he still stays active. He thinks it’s important for people to choose a physical activity that they enjoy, and make it a priority – but be patient in making progress.

Djamal's career advice
Djamal is determined about the goals he sets for himself and doesn’t let obstacles stand in his way. So, what career advice does he have for others? “Like in sports, you should never hesitate to take risks, face challenges and avoid settling for your comfort zone. Don’t give up on your dreams.”

Portrait of Djamal Hamache – Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Player
Djamal Hamache, Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball Player is playing in a gymastic hall with other players
Portrait of Natalie Saville
 Natalie Savile, Olympic Race Walker walks with a colleague on a street

After achieving her personal best time to qualify, Natalie competed in the 20 km Race Walk at the Olympic Games Athens 2004 along with her sister, Jane Saville.

At Allianz 
Natalie joined Allianz Australia to find a new career challenge after retiring from competition. She manages the Direct Customer Relationship Marketing program, running multi-channel marketing campaigns to drive customer retention, growth, and acquisition.

Finding a healthy balance
She finds it important to get up and move regularly throughout the workday and will walk during lunch if she has time. “It is healthy to get away from the computer, to keep moving and get fresh air.”

Natalie's career advice
Natalie finds it important to concentrate on your end goals and focus on the positives, no matter how small. This idea inspires her career advice for others: “Things happen for a reason, learn from your mistakes and grow. If at first, you don’t succeed, learn and keep moving forward.”

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