We provide a platform to harmonize and automate operations and processes, now and in the future, for Allianz.
Allianz Services is proud to serve and be part of Allianz, one of the leading integrated financial services providers in the world. Our strong global footprint with approximately 4500 employees located across eight countries and five continents enables us to unlock the full potential of best shoring, automation and process reengineering as well as management consulting for the benefit of Allianz.
At Allianz Services, we have a strong focus and specialization in core insurance operations and management consulting. By applying best practices across Allianz, we enable opportunities to simplify and harmonize processes, ensuring the best customer experiences as well as continuously driving improvements and developments. Our people are what matter most, and we focus strongly to ensure that we are a great place to work. 
Our Global Footprint-Worldmap

We design simple and intuitive processes as part of our development of superior business analytics capabilities. With over 80 skillsets that enable us to give exceptional services to our partner Allianz companies, we enable considerable productivity gains for Allianz Group via best shoring, process optimization and management consulting across the globe.

We have won our client partners many industry awards. Thus, your operations and projects are in trusted hands. By reflecting the entire value chain of insurance operations, Allianz Services is a key strategic lever in transforming Allianz’ business.

Behind our wide range of services are our people. While diversity is one of our greatest assets, all our employees also share a strong desire to innovate and explore new opportunities. Happy people mean happy customers. Behind every satisfied customer is a motivated employee. We value the contribution of each of our employees, who are the reason behind all industry accolades that come our way.

Why choose Allianz Services?

Our global, diverse, inclusive & skilled workforce are key to our strategy.
Employee feedback platforms & engagement survey ensure transparency and fairness.
A way for employees to partake in initiatives to create a sustainable future.
Initiatives to help create a healthy work-life balance for our employees.
Advanced learning platforms to help employees grow and advance in their careers. 
Attractive remuneration along with healthcare, insurance, comprehensive benefits.
Explore the variety of jobs within Allianz Services!