Allianz Technology | Munich | September, 2019
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At the Allianz Global Digital Factory, we pay close attention to our onboarding experience and equip all new team players with the relevant tools they need to succeed in their roles. This process is particularly important, especially when we collaborate with these new colleagues across borders, while working on the same project.

We finally had the chance to meet our Allianz Technology Thailand colleagues in person, beyond all the WebEx calls and virtual conference sessions. It was a great pleasure to welcome our international colleagues here at the GDF for their onboarding.

Read what Vasinee Hongyantarachai, Senior UI/UX Designer from Allianz Technology Thailand, has to say about her one month onsite onboarding at the Global Digital Factory (GDF) in Munich:

Vasinee's Onboarding experience in Munich

Vasinee: "After I started working as an UX/UI Designer for Remote GDF Project for 3-4 months, I was thrilled to get the chance to meet all my colleagues in Munich to kick off the preparation for the upcoming collaborations. Here are the advantages I have gained from the trip: 


1. Get to know the team:

Ploypim Waiwitthaya introduced me to GDF colleagues and Product Design & Optimization team. It was a great chance to get updated on their expertise and current projects which they are working on. Having face-to-face conversations helps me to understand their feelings towards the projects, learn their personalities and increases the opportunities to strengthen our relationship while gaining ideas on how to work with each other efficiently in the future. 


2. Understand working processes and working environment:

As I worked closely with the team, attended weekly update meetings, discussing best practices and got access to projects' documentation in detail with immediate feedback, I have gained an overall impression of how the team works and what quality of work they are producing. I also see myself in different processes which I can use my skills and knowledge to help completing some of the loose ends. Moreover, by looking at how thoughtfully they work and how carefully they communicate, I would not imagine the working environment to be so relaxed and friendly. This is one of the parts that I am impressed about and I would love to keep the environment going. 

3. Be available for the team

Not only that I learn how the team functions, they also know how I am through collaborative processes. I was assigned to work on a project which does not take long to complete in the first phase. I was available afterwards, so I asked the team if I can work on something else while waiting for feedback. That was when I got to work with new people from different specializations of the team and was able to exchange my interests with theirs. 

The experience is certainly beneficial for me in working with GDF in the future. I have to say thank you to all the support and suggestions. I am looking forward to continuously collaborate with colleagues in Munich. Here is one more picture taken during the trip as a proof that we not only receive the work experience, we also used the opportunity to broaden our mind as well."

Thank you Vasinee and your team for your work! We are looking forward to more exchanges and close collaborations between Bangkok and Munich. See you soon!


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